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The Two

byLori O'Gara

Published: 21 Nov 2018


The Two is a captivating and emotionally charged short story about love. ... more info

The Dark Begining

byBrendan and Lori O'Gara

Published: 07 Feb 2019


The Dark Beginning is a fast-paced look into the life of one of Thanatos Mooreclasian Magne's recovered souls and a brief glimpse at the necromancer's methods.... more info


byLori O'Gara

Published: 10 Dec 2018


What do you believe in? Open your mind to possibility. ... more info

Away For There

byLoir O'Gara

Series: The Perdido Key Novels (#2)

Published: 30 Jan 2018


Brianna Dario seems to have it all. Beauty, money, and a prestigious job, all at her fingertips! And yet, she is a woman on the run, running from happiness, convinced that she isnt worthy of love.... more info

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 Books
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