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And So, Ahmed Hears

byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 25 May 2019


Little Ahmed does not laugh or try to sing. He does not hear mother or brother Yousef calling out to him. The silent gestures are what he understands best. Could it be a hearing loss?... more info

Why my Brother is the Perfect Teammate

byDerek J. Kenmuir

Published: 20 Nov 2016


In this classic basketball story book, we have two stories, one why it's important to have the perfect teammate and the second the case of the misplaced basketball. "Why My Brother is the Perfect Teammate" ... more info

Manhattan Girls

byJ.D. Fitzgerald

Series: Manhattan Girls (#1)

Published: 27 Jul 2018


n this coming of age story, Fifteen-year-old Gwen Stevenson gets a chance of a lifetime. Escaping from the depths of small-town boredom, she finally sets her sights of embellishing the wonders of New York City. ... more info

Chasing Eveline

byLeslie Hauser

Published: Pen Name Publishing 11 Jul 2017


In order to save the only remaining connection to her mother, Ivy Higgins sets out on a quest to reunite 80s band Chasing Eveline, but it may lead to an encore she's not expecting.... more info

The Amazing Kaylee and the Adventures of the Missing Furmaid

byDaniel Dean Morris II

Published: 24 Sep 2021


The Amazing Kaylee is a beautiful and very special pony who has many friends in the mystical valley that she lives in. She has a favorite toy, her Furmaid (that looks like a beautiful mix of a teddy bear on top, mermaid on the bottom) and it has gone... more info

Go Away, Shawn!

byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 04 Aug 2018


Shawn is the older brother who likes to torment his younger siblings. The children just want him to 'go away'.... more info

Badfreaky - The meanest witch

byKonstantinos Adamopoulos

Series: The life of Badfreaky the witch (#1)

Published: 25 Nov 2020


Marily, a four year old girl, lives in the Bright Forest with her parents. Her life changes completely when she falls into a cauldron with a boiling hot potion. This transforms her into the meanest witch in the entire world. Marily is now Badfreaky!... more info


byShelley Workinger

Series: SOLID (#1)

Published: CreateSpace 28 Oct 2019


Follow Clio and the other genetically-enhanced teens as they develop fantastic super-abilities, forge new friendships, find love, and uncover a conspiracy along the way.... more info

My Teacher Dad

bySonya Annita Song

Series: My Teacher Dad (#1)

Published: Chinchilla Books 01 Mar 2019


What can you do when your dad doesn't want to go to school? And he's the teacher! Discover what one boy has to go through in this rhyming picture book with rib-tickling illustrations and rollicking story told in fluid verses. For ages 4 to 8.... more info


byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 20 Aug 2019


In the freezing cold of winter, a tiny kitten lies shivering in wait. A mere eight weeks old, she is curled up, behind the wheel of a car. All she wants is someone to love her. ... more info

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