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What a Bath!

byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 30 Jun 2019


Colin isnt sure he wants a bath, but when Mama insists with a stern warning NOT to pull that plug...or he will go down the drain with the water.what will Colin do?... more info


byShelley Workinger

Series: SOLID (#2)

Published: CreateSpace 28 Oct 2019


Picking up where "Solid" left off, Clio and her friends realize that they aren't ready to go home; they're determined to stay on campus and continue their journey of self- discovery. But someone doesn't feel the same way...... more info

Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy

by Maxine Sylvester

Published: 17 Dec 2015


"MOVE OVER RUDOLPH - RONALDO IS HERE TO STAY!" Ronaldo is the top flying cadet at the prestigious Reindeer Flying Academy. He dreams of getting his flying license and becoming one of Santa's reindeer, just like his hero, Vixen.... more info

The Shadowverse: A YA Sci-Fi Superhero Adventure

byJohn-Clement Gallo

Published: 21 Nov 2018


After being bestowed powers in an unexpected encounter with a mysterious stranger, six college students are sent across time and space to find an exiled, immortal warrior of legend and stop a resurrected alien warlord bent on universal domination.... more info

As You Wish

byTyler W. Kurt

Series: After Dinner Conversation Short Story Series (#5)

Published: After Dinner Conversation 23 Sep 2019


An elderly woman finds a trunk of tattered stuffed animals and makes a promise to fix them all.... more info

Wadee and the Worry Wakes

byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 04 Oct 2019


Every night, as the shadow of darkness creeps across the South African savannah, Wadee curls up with his family and falls asleep. His gentle slumber is disrupted as he imagines horrible things happening to everyone he knows.... more info

Manhattan Girls

byJ.D. Fitzgerald

Series: Manhattan Girls (#1)

Published: 27 Jul 2018


n this coming of age story, Fifteen-year-old Gwen Stevenson gets a chance of a lifetime. Escaping from the depths of small-town boredom, she finally sets her sights of embellishing the wonders of New York City. ... more info

With the Courage of a Mouse

byDonna Sager Cowan

Series: the Superhero School series (#1)

Published: 13 Nov 2018


With The Courage Of A Mouse follows the path of Catt the Cat, as she unexpectedly lands in Sweet Meadows, and Simon Cheddar, a mouse with a plan and a destiny, as they maneuver through a tricky friendship and Superhero School together.  ... more info

Honey And Salt

byDavid Perlmutter

Published: Scarlet Leaf Publishing 24 Mar 2017


It was supposed to be a joyous meeting of some friends. But when you're superheroes, joy often gets interrupted...... more info

In Times Of Violence

byKarina Kantas

Series: OUTLAW (#1)

Published: AOMCA 16 Sep 2017


YA MC romance. A raw emotional story about love, betrayal, and sacrifice. Remember it's not always blood relatives that make a family!... more info

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