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Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy

by Maxine Sylvester

Published: 17 Dec 2015


"MOVE OVER RUDOLPH - RONALDO IS HERE TO STAY!" Ronaldo is the top flying cadet at the prestigious Reindeer Flying Academy. He dreams of getting his flying license and becoming one of Santa's reindeer, just like his hero, Vixen.... more info

Big Noses Are Beautiful!

byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 05 Jan 2020


Melanie hates her Big Nose! Big noses run in her family, but her nose makes her feel less than beautiful until she meets a little kitten who thinks her nose is Puurrrrfect!... more info

Eddy The Teddy Stands Up To Bullying

byDerek J. Kenmuir

Published: 18 May 2019


Eddy The Teddy stands up to Bad Boy Billy the big bad bully. But it turns out some bullies are just misunderstood. Some bullies want the attention but are seeking it the wrong way. ... more info

Grandpa Moon

byCindi Handley Goodeaux

Published: Crimson Cloak Publishing 22 Aug 2018


Montana is Grandpa’s princess. They loved spending time together going for walks in the park or quietly sitting on the porch reading her favorite book. When grandpa becomes sick, and doesn't come home from the hospital, Montana's mom tries to help he... more info

Badfreaky The Dinosaurs and Ancient Greece

byKonstantinos V. E. Adamopoulos

Series: The life of Badfreaky the witch (#3)

Published: 10 May 2023


Why did the dinosaurs disappear? Who is truly responsible for their extinction? Do aliens exist? Who are they and what do they want? And how come a tyrannosaurus is eating the Parthenon?... more info


byShelley Workinger

Series: SOLID (#3)

Published: CreateSpace 28 Oct 2019


With no answers and the end of summer closing in, Clio’s terrified of going home more lost than when she arrived. Will she finally find everything she’s been looking for? Find out in this exciting conclusion to the "Solid" trilogy.... more info

The Spoken Word

byMegan Weiss

Series: Watchers (#1)

Published: 01 Aug 2020


Rayne Goodman thought she was an ordinary 17-year-old. The truth? Her father was the leader of an extremist religious cult. Oh - and she might be part demon.... more info

The Adventures of Mary Nobleman

byJ.T. Joseph

Published: Morgan James 13 Nov 2018


Mary Nobleman, discovers she is a descendant of the legendary King Arthur.... more info

Dame & Dash Vs. The Beasts: The Battle of Sir James Douglas Elementary School

byDerek J. Kenmuir

Published: 19 Apr 2017


Dame was alone at first in his missions. Now he is stronger with his brother by his side... “Stop you pumpkin looking fiery snowball!” The beast stops.. ... more info

Wadee and the Worry Wakes

byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 04 Oct 2019


Every night, as the shadow of darkness creeps across the South African savannah, Wadee curls up with his family and falls asleep. His gentle slumber is disrupted as he imagines horrible things happening to everyone he knows.... more info

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