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Big Noses Are Beautiful!

byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 05 Jan 2020


Melanie hates her Big Nose! Big noses run in her family, but her nose makes her feel less than beautiful until she meets a little kitten who thinks her nose is Puurrrrfect!... more info

Milo & Ze

byMark Watson

Published: 12 Dec 2014


THE BEST SELLING BULL TERRIER BOOK IN THE WORLD! WINNERS: Best Illustrated Children's Ebook - MOONBEAM Awards 2015 WINNERS: Best Children's Animal Book - READER'S FAVORITE Awards 2015 WINNERS: Best Illustrated Children's book - IPPY Awards 2015... more info

My Teacher Dad

bySonya Annita Song

Series: My Teacher Dad (#1)

Published: Chinchilla Books 01 Mar 2019


What can you do when your dad doesn't want to go to school? And he's the teacher! Discover what one boy has to go through in this rhyming picture book with rib-tickling illustrations and rollicking story told in fluid verses. For ages 4 to 8.... more info

In Times Of Violence

byKarina Kantas

Series: OUTLAW (#1)

Published: AOMCA 16 Sep 2017


YA MC romance. A raw emotional story about love, betrayal, and sacrifice. Remember it's not always blood relatives that make a family!... more info

Manhattan Girls

byJ.D. Fitzgerald

Series: Manhattan Girls (#1)

Published: 27 Jul 2018


n this coming of age story, Fifteen-year-old Gwen Stevenson gets a chance of a lifetime. Escaping from the depths of small-town boredom, she finally sets her sights of embellishing the wonders of New York City. ... more info

Eddy The Teddy Stands Up To Bullying

byDerek J. Kenmuir

Published: 18 May 2019


Eddy The Teddy stands up to Bad Boy Billy the big bad bully. But it turns out some bullies are just misunderstood. Some bullies want the attention but are seeking it the wrong way. ... more info

She Feels: A Collection

byMegan Weiss

Published: 07 Oct 2020


She Feels is a collection of flash fiction and short stories. Some are based on true stories. Some are entirely fiction. She Feels is an experiment in emotional expression and creative inspiration.... more info

The Adventures of Mary Nobleman

byJ.T. Joseph

Published: Morgan James 13 Nov 2018


Mary Nobleman, discovers she is a descendant of the legendary King Arthur.... more info

What a Bath!

byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 30 Jun 2019


Colin isnt sure he wants a bath, but when Mama insists with a stern warning NOT to pull that plug...or he will go down the drain with the water.what will Colin do?... more info

Bake With Me - Chocolate Chip Cookies

byDerek J. Kenmuir

Published: 02 Mar 2017


Join me in making reading and learning a real joy once again! Never before have children been excited about baking or learning to bake at such a young age. Today I present to you Bake With Me – Chocolate Chip Cookies. ... more info

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