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Talon, come fly with me

byGigi Sedlmayer

Series: Talon (#1)

Published: Aurora House, Australia 14 Jan 2013


As Jonathan Vos Post said: The books can be described as a mixture of Harry Potter and Indiana Jones but with cute kids.... more info

The Shadowverse: A YA Sci-Fi Superhero Adventure

byJohn-Clement Gallo

Published: 21 Nov 2018


After being bestowed powers in an unexpected encounter with a mysterious stranger, six college students are sent across time and space to find an exiled, immortal warrior of legend and stop a resurrected alien warlord bent on universal domination.... more info

Big Noses Are Beautiful!

byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 05 Jan 2020


Melanie hates her Big Nose! Big noses run in her family, but her nose makes her feel less than beautiful until she meets a little kitten who thinks her nose is Puurrrrfect!... more info

The Adventures of Princess Jellibean

byCindi Goodeaux

Series: Jellibean Adventures (#1)

Published: Crimson Cloak Publishing 17 Oct 2018


A very colorful cat decides to leave her comfy castle life to see the world she's only read about. Her dreams swirl with these things, and she always sleeps with a smile. Someday, thinks she, someday I will see it all!... more info

As You Wish

byTyler W. Kurt

Series: After Dinner Conversation Short Story Series (#5)

Published: After Dinner Conversation 23 Sep 2019


An elderly woman finds a trunk of tattered stuffed animals and makes a promise to fix them all.... more info

E El Gi Piddr

byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 20 Oct 2019


Anand is a little Mongolian boy who is attending an English-speaking school for the first time. What a scary experience! With time, practice, and support from his caring teachers, he gradually learns the language and things do get better.... more info

The Spoken Word

byMegan Weiss

Series: Watchers (#1)

Published: 01 Aug 2020


Rayne Goodman thought she was an ordinary 17-year-old. The truth? Her father was the leader of an extremist religious cult. Oh - and she might be part demon.... more info

What If My Soccerball Was Alive?

byDerek J. Kenmuir

Published: 16 Apr 2019


Soccer kids with Soccer smarts and Soccer IQ will love this Soccer science of a book titled, What If My Soccerball Was Alive? Follow Dame and his fun-filled curiosity and imagination when he explores the possibilities of his Soccerball being alive. ... more info

Why my Brother is the Perfect Teammate

byDerek J. Kenmuir

Published: 20 Nov 2016


In this classic basketball story book, we have two stories, one why it's important to have the perfect teammate and the second the case of the misplaced basketball. "Why My Brother is the Perfect Teammate" ... more info

And So, Ahmed Hears

byDawn Doig

Published: Pen It! Publications 25 May 2019


Little Ahmed does not laugh or try to sing. He does not hear mother or brother Yousef calling out to him. The silent gestures are what he understands best. Could it be a hearing loss?... more info

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