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The Rigel Affair

byL M Hedrick

Published: Chez Blanc Publishing 15 Apr 2019


Charlie grows up dirt-poor in Mississippi and becomes a Navy Diver. He survives the Pearl Harbor attack and finds true love with Mattie in Auckland... but WW2 has other ideas! An Award-Winning Chilling WW2 Thriller Novel with Rip-Roaring Romance!!... more info

Perfect Killer

byRobb T. White

Published: Crowood Press/Robert Hale 01 Feb 2018


Jade Hui is an FBI agent on the way down—until her supervising agent assigns her a triple-murder investigation. She soon must overcome bureaucratic obstacles to catch a free-roaming, amoral killer who leaves neither pattern nor motive behind.... more info

Assassin Marked

byMichael C. Sahd

Series: The DuFonte Chronicles (#1)

Published: 06 Oct 2019


An interplanetary crime syndicate. A debt, long overdue. An assassin gone rogue. Love. Revenge. Betrayal. An assassin, marked.... more info

The Slap by Karen J. Mossman

byCrimson Cloak Publishing

Published: Crimson Cloak Publish 24 Aug 2020


Cassidy Newbold is a clairvoyant and also an Official Prison Visitor. This enables her to help her brother, a detective, to crack his cases. Shaking the hand of prisoner Ronnie Gunner, suspected of abducting two girls, Cassie sees everything. This ho... more info

The Missing Taylor

byRC Cameron

Published: 03 May 2019


Can a South Florida Private investigator, an illegal drug user himself, bring down a drug-trafficking ring? ... more info


byCandy Washington

Published: 05 Sep 2020


This is the story Sophie Whitley, a woman coming into her own sense of self while harboring dark secrets. She's faced with awakening to her true power while searching for her missing best friend with the pool of suspects being closer than you think. ... more info


byDavid G. Ferguson

Published: 11 Apr 2018


TWO DIFFERENT BOOKS ... ONE STORY! This is the exact same story as my 5-Star rated novel BEAR RUNNERS, but with the romance dialed back for those who prefer a story told more along the lines of a Clive Cussler novel. ... more info

Playing Faith


Published: Atomic Tyger 21 Jan 2019


Concert pianist Radiana Damiano flees for her life when a wealthy club owner with a despicable past mistakes her for a thief named Faith. Alternately heart-wrenching, hair-raising, and hilarious, this debut novel is a suspense lover's dream!... more info



Published: 18 Dec 2016


Archie Andrews tries the new cologne his new girlfriend gave him for his birthday. He goes out to get some food for his birthday party and is later found dead near the vicinity of his apiary. ... more info

Unbending (Soul of a Lion)

byMichael Shina Crown

Published: 17 May 2017


Betrothed at birth, bound unknowingly to a deadly covenant from origin and born to be a tool for another, Hauwa grows up innocently, full of promises. But at 12, she is forced into an early marriage. Confined, she has to fight for her dreams...... more info

Showing 1 - 10 of 37 BooksNEXT >
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