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Avenue of Regrets

byR.J. Pineiro

Published: Auspicious Apparatus Press 16 Nov 2018


David Wallace is a man haunted by the deaths of his wife and young son seven years ago. But when learning that things were not as they seemed back then, he is thrown into a world of violence, and human trafficking as he struggles to find the truth.... more info

22 Floors

byDavid Watson

Published: 14 Dec 2018


When Michael decides to test the rules of the universe, little does he know it’s not us who decide who and where we are, at least not in this life. As he steps off the roof of a tall building, he thinks this is his last act. ... more info

Kindred Intentions

byRita Carla Francesca Monticelli

Published: 25 Aug 2018


Amelia is an undercover police officer. She must observe, listen, and report. Easy? But on the very day she should be hired, she finds herself in the middle of a shooting. And it’s only the beginning of a crazy adventure that will change her life.... more info

Perfidious Agenda

byLachelle Williams

Published: 11 Dec 2019


When naïve, Vonda a.k.a. Angel, goes to college and meets new friends, she had no idea her values would be neglected. After listening to their intimate encounters, temptation has her yearning to experience things the Bible would decline to sanction.... more info


byDavid G. Ferguson

Published: 17 Dec 2016


Conservation Officer Rick Webb teams up with environmental crusader, Erin Franklin to try to bring down a waste management company that has been playing fast and loose with the law. Non-stop action and believable characters make this an exciting read... more info


byCandy Washington

Published: 1214 Media Productions 05 Sep 2020


Step inside the mind of Sophie Whitley. 'triggered.' is masterfully told through the perspective of a young woman on the cusp of embracing her womanhood while shedding the layers of a stifling dark past. Find out how far one woman is willing to go.... more info

The Russian Heist

byRobb White

Published: Moonshine Cove Publishing 20 Jun 2019


What do you get with a disgruntled armored-car employee, his promiscuous wife, their loser of a son, and an alcoholic professor of economics? Not much—mainly losers. But add one Russian thug with vast experience in taking what doesn’t belong to him.... more info


byJane Badrock

Published: QMP 22 Apr 2021


COMATOSE...and her nightmare is just beginning. Two car crashes, one location, one survivor. Newly promoted DS Karen Thorpe is determined to prove these are no accidents. But the only witness is in a coma. Now there's a rapist on the loose. ... more info

Unbending (Soul of a Lion)

byMichael Shina Crown

Published: 17 May 2017


Betrothed at birth, bound unknowingly to a deadly covenant from origin and born to be a tool for another, Hauwa grows up innocently, full of promises. But at 12, she is forced into an early marriage. Confined, she has to fight for her dreams...... more info


byMaster Light James

Published: 24 Jan 2021


SHE ESCAPED!! But where will she go now? Where... how will she live? What and who will she call her own? Did she even do the right thing by running away?... more info

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