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Kindred Intentions

byRita Carla Francesca Monticelli

Published: 25 Aug 2018


Amelia is an undercover police officer. She must observe, listen, and report. Easy? But on the very day she should be hired, she finds herself in the middle of a shooting. And it’s only the beginning of a crazy adventure that will change her life.... more info

22 Floors

byDavid Watson

Published: 14 Dec 2018


When Michael decides to test the rules of the universe, little does he know it’s not us who decide who and where we are, at least not in this life. As he steps off the roof of a tall building, he thinks this is his last act. ... more info

The Rigel Affair

byL M Hedrick

Published: Chez Blanc Publishing 15 Apr 2019


Charlie grows up dirt-poor in Mississippi and becomes a Navy Diver. He survives the Pearl Harbor attack and finds true love with Mattie in Auckland... but WW2 has other ideas! An Award-Winning Chilling WW2 Thriller Novel with Rip-Roaring Romance!!... more info

The Amnesia Desk

byJim Sullivan

Published: 18 Apr 2018


The CIA anted him dead. His ancestors had a different plan. Gripping sci fi thriller set in Britain. ... more info




Published: 11 Oct 2015


An old widow is brutally killed with a vicious blow to the back of her head. Suspicion fell immediately on a local man Marcus Dye whose clothes revealed traces of the victim’s blood and hair. ... more info

Unfinished Business 2

byLacrecia Hillis

Series: Unfinished Business (#2)

Published: 12 Jan 2019


Asha gets revenge and beats the odds in this story. She overcomes what is done to her... more info

The Missing Taylor

byRC Cameron

Published: 03 May 2019


Can a South Florida Private investigator, an illegal drug user himself, bring down a drug-trafficking ring? ... more info

A Genocide: Desperate Times. A short story about human trafficking (Short Stories Book 2)

byAnne C West

Series: Short Stories (#2)

Published: 19 Jan 2019


It always happens to somebody else. Until it happens to you. Inspired by the real life events when a teenage girl was drugged and nearly stolen in the bathrooms of her local mall. Her story had a happy ending. But not everybody is that lucky. ... more info

Chroma Hearts: A Romantic Psychological Thriller

byMayumi Cruz

Published: 06 Apr 2018


Chroma Hearts is an intensely emotional psychological thriller about a love that destroys and a love that heals.... more info

Playing Faith


Published: Atomic Tyger 21 Jan 2019


Concert pianist Radiana Damiano flees for her life when a wealthy club owner with a despicable past mistakes her for a thief named Faith. Alternately heart-wrenching, hair-raising, and hilarious, this debut novel is a suspense lover's dream!... more info

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