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byMaster Light James

Published: 24 Jan 2021


SHE ESCAPED!! But where will she go now? Where... how will she live? What and who will she call her own? Did she even do the right thing by running away?... more info


byDavid G. Ferguson

Published: 17 Dec 2016


Conservation Officer Rick Webb teams up with environmental crusader, Erin Franklin to try to bring down a waste management company that has been playing fast and loose with the law. Non-stop action and believable characters make this an exciting read... more info

Grip of Fear

bySam Fires

Series: End of Days (#1)

Published: Fire & Brimstone Press 29 Apr 2022


No lights. No power. No help. During the coldest winter on record, an EMP attack wipes out the nation's power and cripples the country. ... more info

What's Done in The Dark: A Troubled Beginning

byTiffany Terri Wallace

Series: What's Done in The Dark: (Part 1) A Troubled Beginning (#1)

Published: PublishDrive 02 Feb 2019


Infidelity comes out to play, and the past shows up. Everyone has something to hide and will do anything to keep their secrets buried, anything may happen, with the potential for everything and everyone to come crumbling down piece by piece. ... more info


byMiik YS

Published: 09 Nov 2020


Cyn and Ali experience strong urges and gradually become passengers in their own bodies, aware of everything around them but incapable of manipulating events, like passengers on a bus watching the world pass by beyond the windows.... more info

The Rigel Affair

byL M Hedrick

Published: Chez Blanc Publishing 15 Apr 2019


Charlie grows up dirt-poor in Mississippi and becomes a Navy Diver. He survives the Pearl Harbor attack and finds true love with Mattie in Auckland... but WW2 has other ideas! An Award-Winning Chilling WW2 Thriller Novel with Rip-Roaring Romance!!... more info

The Black and White House

byRobert James Bridge

Published: 12 Aug 2019


The Black and White House BY Robert James Bridge Synopsis. Racism and Terrorism, two words that were to strike fear into the hearts and minds for many m... more info

Chroma Hearts: A Romantic Psychological Thriller

byMayumi Cruz

Published: 06 Apr 2018


Chroma Hearts is an intensely emotional psychological thriller about a love that destroys and a love that heals.... more info

The Mask of Midnight

byLaurie Stevens

Series: A Gabriel McRay Novel (#3)

Published: FYD Media, LLC 04 Feb 2019


This Clue Award winner pits troubled LA Detective Gabriel McRay against a killer on trial. A legal twist frees the killer, who then uses his theatrical skills to take revenge on the detective by making him face his inner demons.... more info

Haftmann's Rules

byRobb White

Series: A Thomas Haftmann Mystery (#5)

Published: New Pulp Press 13 Feb 2020


Thomas Haftmann goes to Boston to look for the runaway daughter of a wealthy businessman. He gets more than he's looking for, however, as he encounters a brilliant psychopath and leader of a white supremacist organization.... more info

Showing 1 - 10 of 46 BooksNEXT >
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