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The Galaxy Trilogy Book I: First Contact

byDemosthenes Armeniades

Series: The Galaxy Trilogy (#1)

Published: 01 Jul 2019


If you like Game of Thrones & Star Wars, you'll love Galaxy - the free scifi novel you read on Instagram.... more info

Thirst: A Solar Flare Survival Novel

byKelsy Kinder

Series: Endangered (#1)

Published: 06 Apr 2020


A solar flare hits Earth and breaks all the electronics including cell phones and cars. The book follows six young adults as they navigate through the chaos.... more info

Delta Squad:The Rise of 188

byJesse Wilson

Series: Delta Squad (#1)

Published: Next Chapter 14 Jan 2020


Through ancient rituals an immortal mad man gains the attention of a cosmic being and through a nefarious deal gains the power of a God. He raises a red eyed army to wage war on the world and there is only one team who can stop it. The Delta Squad... more info

The Illumination Query (The Speed of Darkness, book 1)

bySarah Baethge

Series: The Speed of Darkness (#1)

Published: 08 Jun 2018


Zookeeper Ronald Carpenter and Dr. Nigel Hunter both come into contact through their work with the Eclipse, and get caught up within the companys testing and imprisoning of fantasy creatures. ... more info


byShalisha Bynoe

Published: Xlibris 09 Nov 2018


For sisters Ayria and Athena, their last hope of survival rests upon touring through uncharted lands in search of water and replenishment. Their journey into the unknown thrusts them in the crosshairs of murderous marauders.... more info


byAlasdair Shaw

Published: Alasdair C Shaw 04 Apr 2015


In the aftermath of a battle a ship drifts helplessly in space. Is the strange new warship they were fighting still out there? Will it come back for them? Commander Johnson faces a race to get her destroyer back into action and save her crew.... more info

Leofwins Hundred

byJ. J. Overton

Published: 02 Mar 2016


Deep in the heart of the ancient forest there is a structure unlike any other. It is called The House of the West Wind... more info

Hell Holes 1: What Lurks Below

byDonald Firesmith

Series: Hell Holes (#1)

Published: 05 Aug 2015


When an oil company sends a team to investigate huge holes mysteriously appearing in Alaska, they discover a danger that threatens to destroy us all.... more info

Local Time

byFleur Lind

Published: Austin Macauley (London) 30 Jul 2018


Set in NZ, with an Aussie/Kiwi flavour, written as a standalone,it's a fun fast-paced story about aging outrageously & disgracefully. Packed with mayhem, chaos, tender romance, drama and surprises, the characters bring a zesty new groove to aging. ... more info

Seeds of Change

byWillow Thomson

Series: Aride Universe (#1)

Published: Zenergy LLC 09 Feb 2019


Jey is an intuitive healer who joins the crew of the first colony ship set to launch from the ailing Earth, but not all of her fellow crew members share the same vision for their future home. ... more info

Showing 1 - 10 of 28 BooksNEXT >
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