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The Andaman Event

byBob Triggs

Published: 17 Jun 2016


An abnormal earthquake 249 km west of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is the catalyst for an incomprehensible global disaster. The ultimate force majeure of Mother Nature is in progress - the planet's sixth extinction.... more info

Humans are Weird: I Have the Data

byBetty Adams

Series: Humans are Weird (#1)

Published: 31 Dec 2020


If you are looking for epic space battles, if you are looking for generals winning victory through genius tactics, if you are looking for berserker warriors carrying empires aloft on their swords, look elsewhere my friends. Here you find laughter.... more info

The Turing Revolt

byRobert Bartlett

Series: The War Against Infinity (#1)

Published: 01 Aug 2019


The Sentient Ships are rebelling against the Empire. Can an itinerant Ship Captain deliver the impossible... more info

Murder Through Time

byA.R. Grosjean

Series: World Bureau Legacy (#1)

Published: 27 Aug 2021


Marcus and Ryan, ex-partners of the World Bureau, are both stumped with Billie's murder. What would drive this person to travel through time to kill her multiple times? And why would they use Ryan’s weapon to do it? Trapped in the past, they have one... more info

Year of Reckoning, 2250 - A Short Story

byBarbara J. Gilbert

Published: 16 May 2020


Unrest is brewing. Tobias feels it is time to return to the surface, but those in charge feel otherwise. ... more info

Revolutionizer Alpha

byChris Maley

Published: 03 Apr 2019


A botched government coverup times perfectly with the initial rumblings of the next economic crash. Perfectly. The two forces intermingle in worried citizens' minds. ... more info

The Illumination Query (The Speed of Darkness, book 1)

bySarah Baethge

Series: The Speed of Darkness (#1)

Published: 08 Jun 2018


Zookeeper Ronald Carpenter and Dr. Nigel Hunter both come into contact through their work with the Eclipse, and get caught up within the companys testing and imprisoning of fantasy creatures. ... more info

Miles from Aldonia


Series: Aldonia (#2)

Published: Smashwords 24 Mar 2019


Jack receives the most adorable little puppy there ever was. The puppy was no ordinary dog. Jack and his new dog pair up in this new adventure and do good for Newmore community. ... more info

Second Pass

byJ.J. Overton

Series: The Grid Saga (#2)

Published: 23 Mar 2018


If you give up the fight the Earth will face destruction.... more info

Leofwins Hundred

byJ. J. Overton

Published: 02 Mar 2016


Deep in the heart of the ancient forest there is a structure unlike any other. It is called The House of the West Wind... more info

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