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The Singular Adventures Of Jefferson Ball

byDavid Perlmutter

Published: 204-488-0418 24 May 2014


She's the most powerful female dog in the universe. Unfortunately, she's not that smart...... more info

Miles from Aldonia


Series: Aldonia (#2)

Published: Smashwords 24 Mar 2019


Jack receives the most adorable little puppy there ever was. The puppy was no ordinary dog. Jack and his new dog pair up in this new adventure and do good for Newmore community. ... more info

Random Survival

byRay Wenck

Series: Random Survival (#1)

Published: 14 Sep 2018


If the world as you know it ended today how would you survive? After a sudden, mysterious disease is unleashed on the country claiming millions of lives, Mark is left alone to survive long enough to discover the cause.... more info

The Golden Capricorn

byBob Triggs

Series: Tumble (#2)

Published: 01 Dec 2016


Book two of the Tumble series: While the earth continues to tumble with steady but relentless fortitude, Sinclairs efforts to suppress the disaster from becoming public go awry amidst the implementation of a plan to save Mankind from extinction.... more info

The Angel of Death

byScott W Kimak

Series: The I call him HIM trilogy (#2)

Published: 06 May 2021


How much power is too much for one girl? And will she use it for good or evil?... more info

Davina's Quest for Solace

byKandy Moon

Published: 01 Sep 2018


Davina: "Every last one of you, barbarians! Stubborn, ignorant, overprotective, power-hungry cavemen! Action and adventure? Suspense? Thriller? Romance? Yes. This post-apocalyptic, reverse harem story has it all.... more info

The Trail in the Woods

byStanley C Straub

Published: 14 Jul 2018


A Science Fiction novel that has two main characters hiking an abandomed trail where many previous hikers have disappeared. They get captured and taken to the Valley of the Gods, where they meet the Tribulator, an monster who thinks he is God. ... more info

Future Apocalypse, Journey to the City of Technology - A Time Travel Series Book 2

byBarbara J. Gilbert

Series: A Time Travel Series (#2)

Published: 31 May 2020


Paulette is finally able to begin her next adventure. She and a small group will face untold danger as they travel across the Cascade Mountains to reach the City of Technology. There she hopes to find help with getting back home. ... more info

Thirst: A Solar Flare Survival Novel

byKelsy Kinder

Series: Endangered (#1)

Published: 06 Apr 2020


A solar flare hits Earth and breaks all the electronics including cell phones and cars. The book follows six young adults as they navigate through the chaos.... more info

Seeds of Change

byWillow Thomson

Series: Aride Universe (#1)

Published: Zenergy LLC 09 Feb 2019


Jey is an intuitive healer who joins the crew of the first colony ship set to launch from the ailing Earth, but not all of her fellow crew members share the same vision for their future home. ... more info

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