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The Grown Woman Where the Colony Lies

byMiik YS

Published: 25 May 2020


Sometimes people, even places, aren’t always what they seem. Everything means something, maybe just not what you think. Murders aid in solving the mystery. No animals were harmed making this story, but there sure are some sick puppies in it.... more info

The Turing Revolt

byRobert Bartlett

Series: The War Against Infinity (#1)

Published: 01 Aug 2019


The Sentient Ships are rebelling against the Empire. Can an itinerant Ship Captain deliver the impossible... more info

The Galaxy Trilogy Book I: First Contact

byDemosthenes Armeniades

Series: The Galaxy Trilogy (#1)

Published: 01 Jul 2019


If you like Game of Thrones & Star Wars, you'll love Galaxy - the free scifi novel you read on Instagram.... more info

Hell Holes 1: What Lurks Below

byDonald Firesmith

Series: Hell Holes (#1)

Published: 05 Aug 2015


When an oil company sends a team to investigate huge holes mysteriously appearing in Alaska, they discover a danger that threatens to destroy us all.... more info

The Angel of Death

byScott W Kimak

Series: The I call him HIM trilogy (#2)

Published: 06 May 2021


How much power is too much for one girl? And will she use it for good or evil?... more info

Local Time

byFleur Lind

Published: Austin Macauley (London) 30 Jul 2018


Set in NZ, with an Aussie/Kiwi flavour, written as a standalone,it's a fun fast-paced story about aging outrageously & disgracefully. Packed with mayhem, chaos, tender romance, drama and surprises, the characters bring a zesty new groove to aging. ... more info

Escape Beyond the Barriers

byMiik YS

Published: 25 May 2020


Sailor uses her neighbor's device to transport to a world in another universe where Slick dips into anyone's mind. Rocky pursues her there. Sailor’s urge to return home pales with the possible military invasion of two worlds.... more info

The 35th Parallel

byBob Triggs

Series: Tumble (#3)

Published: 18 Mar 2018


Book three of the Tumble series: Cobras team prepare to leave New York as violence and wanton acts of barbarism spread across the city; Sinclair abandons the White House, and China tries to avert an invasion by Russian and Mongolian armed forces.... more info

I Am Not Thirteen

byA.O. Monk

Published: Calhoun Press 01 Mar 2019


A young woman finds herself transported back in time to her thirteenth birthday. She must use all her intelligence, charm, and a bit of luck to figure out what's happened, and what she has to change about her past—assuming she should.... more info

Leofwins Hundred

byJ. J. Overton

Published: 02 Mar 2016


Deep in the heart of the ancient forest there is a structure unlike any other. It is called The House of the West Wind... more info

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