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Falon: The Ancient Blood Awakens

byAngel Black

Series: War Of Blood and Scales (#1)

Published: 01 Apr 2018


Always just out of my reach: the human world. I will make her mine, and know, that she is taken! ... more info

Snake Bitten

byNatalia Salsky

Published: 29 Aug 2018


This steamy dark romance is a delicious short that you wont be able to put down. The romance between this alpha bad boy and sexy undercover agent sizzles with heat and ends with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. ... more info

The Meeting

byMandy Faye

Series: Finding Josie's Heart (#1)

Published: 03 Nov 2018


Josie Marks is a waitress in New York City; a city she hopes that someday will help her fulfill her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. When handsome Blake Moorely comes into the picture, Josie thinks she has finally found the perfect man. ... more info

Play The Game

byKaren J Mossman

Published: 20 Nov 2018


Sometimes when your self esteem is low, it takes a special someone to build it up again.... more info


byTara Brent

Published: 09 Sep 2018


Easton Cooper: Billionaire bad boy that every woman wants a piece of. He has the job, the money, the cars, the famous ex-girlfriends, the mansions; Easton has always gotten everything he wants, be it in business or pleasure. ... more info


byShanna Swenson

Published: 15 Sep 2018


Natalie Cameron is fleeing her dark past. She's coming home to Texas... After her car breaks down on a desolate road, she and her young daughter are out of options when unknowingly, her parent's ranch foreman, Jack Kinsen comes to the rescue. ... more info

Dracones Awakening

bySheri-Lynn Marean

Published: 04 Mar 2016


Cursed and hunted, they fled to Earth. Now the enemys resurfaced, and one of them is missing. Tierney turns Jax for help, but hes fighting his own demons. Can Tierney and Jax overcome their legacy and avoid the enemys plans? ... more info


byNatalia Salsky

Published: 29 Aug 2018


On a mission to ruin the very person that ruined him, Viktor goes after the one person the scientist loves most; her daughter.... more info

Hard Drive

byMarcella Swann

Series: Tech Titans (#1)

Published: Orleans Publishing 11 Jul 2018


Damian Black. He’s gorgeous and knows it. A titan of the tech industry and not yet 30. Models are his for the taking. A billionaire.And so very good at being bad. I tell myself I don’t want him even though I do, in the worst possible way.... more info

Either Or...

byCarla D E Godfrey

Published: 31 Mar 2018


Sixteen years later, he has become the man his father has always wanted him to be, but temptation is never far away...... more info

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