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Night Shift - PREVIEW

byM. D. Dalrymple

Series: Men in Uniform (#1)

Published: 30 Apr 2019


An exciting police romance! Officer Matthew Danes has one focus in his life: the brotherhood in blue. One day he runs into an exotic beauty. But Officer Danes’ job is dangerous, and one night that danger hits too close to his heart. ... more info

Fortis Novelette Tatia and Viktor's Story

byP.C. Benson

Published: 06 Dec 2019


Fortis Novelette Tatia and Viktor's Story. New Adult Paranormal Romance. ... more info

A Miami Thug Chose Me


Published: Twyla T. Presents 10 May 2019


Author Zarkia brings you her very first full length standalone. This hot release is one you don’t want to miss! ... more info

Unexpected meeting

bySoya Nano

Published: 17 Oct 2019


This is the billionaire love story.... more info

The Undecided Woman(US version)

byP. J. Churchill

Published: 24 Mar 2019


A fiction love story based on a couple named Susan and Tim Brooks. Their relationship starts going astray when workaholic Tim, starts breaking promises to his wife Susan and she begins to get frustrated with it, at being let down by her husband. ... more info

The Dividing Line

byIlianna Binoche

Series: The Dividing Line (#1)

Published: 21 May 2018


Cole McGregor is a fourth generation Neo-Nazi who doesn't care about anyone or anything. When he realizes he has been betrayed at the hands of those he loves and trust, he next opens his eyes to find his Angel is BLACK. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?... more info

The Bad Blood Incident

byIndia Kells

Published: 24 Aug 2018


Do you really have an open mind? Lani asked herself that question when she discovered a mysterious card in Maxs office.... more info

Claimed By Taurus

byNatalia Salsky

Published: 29 Aug 2018


In this sizzling short, youll be dropped headlong into adventure as you join a race against time in the forests of a far-away planet. Danger lurks around every corner, and the dominant, alpha Taurus is Brias only hope. ... more info

The Lady of the Glen - Preview

byMichelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

Series: The Glen Highland Romance (#2)

Published: 15 Apr 2019


Elayne MacNally knew one thing: Her reputation as the harpy of the highlands was well earned. Declan MacCollough did not want to follow his father as Laird of the reputed Beast Clan." Can they find love together? ... more info



Series: PLEASING (#0)

Published: 07 Aug 2019


Some women need to please a man...Mr. Thompson, Mr. Dixon, and some men need to please a woman...Ms. Harris. Three steamy stories where everybody gets pleased!... more info

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