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Rodeo KING

byAnn Malley

Series: Wild Horse Montana (#1)

Published: Winged Publications: Forget Me Not Romances 28 Feb 2019


Widowed and wiser, Leigh Ann is roping HER DREAMS this time. The Rodeo KING can look for someone else to play trophy. But Frank wants the real prize, the high school sweetheart he's longed to win and can't forget.... more info

Mine Forever: A Young Adult Romance

bySkylar Nightingale

Published: 20 Nov 2019


Seventeen-year-old Javon Allen is in love with his best friend, Billie Rose, but shes dating one of the most popular guys in school. Locked in the dreaded friend-zone, he begins to date someone new--in hopes of curing his craving heart. ... more info

Hard Drive

byMarcella Swann

Series: Tech Titans (#1)

Published: Orleans Publishing 11 Jul 2018


Damian Black. He’s gorgeous and knows it. A titan of the tech industry and not yet 30. Models are his for the taking. A billionaire.And so very good at being bad. I tell myself I don’t want him even though I do, in the worst possible way.... more info

Watermelon Spice

byDonna R. Mercer

Published: 02 Jun 2019


Melony and Royce had a dream of life together until an accident landed Melony in a coma. For years, Royce has been by her side as she lay hooked up to machines to keep her alive. ... more info

Beatrice, The Rise of Purgatory: Defend and Rescue

byIndia Kells

Series: Women of Purgatory (#0)

Published: 19 Jul 2016


Do you want to know how it all began? For sure, it started with a bang! ... more info

The Exile of the Glen - PREVIEW

byMichelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

Series: The Glen Highland Romance (#3)

Published: 02 Aug 2019


Banished from his home. Sent to a forsaken island on the edge of the world. A criminal highlander in a strange land. What will become of Alistair when he is exiled to his distant kin? ... more info

The Follower

byL. Hillis

Published: 10 Dec 2019


He finds her but will she be tooken away... more info

The Souls of Witches

byTarrant Smith

Series: Legends of the Pale (#4)

Published: 21 Nov 2020


After encountering Rowan Morgan at a local Witches Ball, Lars must face disturbing truths about his banished past before his ignorance and cravings kill her. And...Rowan must decide if soulmates truly exist.... more info

Fallen Angel

byAnn Malley

Series: Diamond Dogs (#1)

Published: Winged Publications: Forget Me Not Romances 28 Jan 2019


What would you do to DEFEND the child you sacrificed everything to keep?... more info


byS. Taylor

Series: Southern Seduction Series (#1)

Published: 19 Apr 2021


Dylan Price will stop at nothing to finally have the woman he has loved for years, single mother and owner of the Honeydew Cafe, Clarisse Jordan. Nothing is off the table, including blackmail. ... more info

Showing 1 - 10 of 152 BooksNEXT >
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