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First Time Back

byM. D. Dalrymple

Published: 12 Oct 2018


Can she open herself to a new man? Emma, reeling from a recent divorce, trying to find herself One friend has an option for her -- a date with a sexy, dark-haired model. A night in paradise. Can she let go and succumb to the wiles of this hot date?... more info

Falling for the Nanny

byEmelia Blair

Published: 17 Oct 2018


Castles are not just for princes. I thought everything was fine in my life as a single mother. I thought I didnt need a man and I could make it on my own. Until he hired me. Ace Duncan. Hot. Irresistible. Insanely sexy. ... more info

Snake Bitten

byNatalia Salsky

Published: 29 Aug 2018


This steamy dark romance is a delicious short that you wont be able to put down. The romance between this alpha bad boy and sexy undercover agent sizzles with heat and ends with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. ... more info

Bedroom Prince

byLea Park

Published: 26 Aug 2018


Blackmailed into Marriage and Seduction ... more info

Behind the Music

byKaren J Mossman

Published: 16 Feb 2014


Who are the people behind the music? Six fiction stories.... more info


byAdele Masters

Published: 01 Oct 2018


He knows he needs to do whats right.... more info

Her Billionaire Dilemma: A Clean Romance

byGigi Marlowe

Published: 26 Oct 2018


Twins are trouble...what are Billionaire twins? Her, dilemma. Blogger Samantha Stone's coverage of Acapulco's annual Bitcoin conference delivers to her more than just a 'scoop'. The Dunne twins, a study in contrasts, come to vie for her heart. ... more info

You Are My Sea

byTina Isabel Leung

Published: Sunflower Romance Press 17 Nov 2018


“You are my sea” is a 38 minutes long romantic read, featuring a male / male relationship, and it ends with an erotic scene. When Peter has a mental breakdown and rushes out of office, his coworker Arnold drops everything to help him...... more info


byShanna Swenson

Published: 15 Sep 2018


Natalie Cameron is fleeing her dark past. She's coming home to Texas... After her car breaks down on a desolate road, she and her young daughter are out of options when unknowingly, her parent's ranch foreman, Jack Kinsen comes to the rescue. ... more info

Freezing Touch

byNikki Bloom

Published: 08 Sep 2018


Winter Tyson was a woman who enjoyed exposing corruption and the dalliances of those who thought they were above the law. Everything changes when she first spots Marshall Lyons after all these years.... more info

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