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byIlianna Binoche

Series: Chaebol Topaz (#1)

Published: 25 Jun 2018


Eva uses her knowledge of the streets and her college education to overcome years of abuse she has suffered. The dark chocolate big booty diva builds a lucrative internet business from the sells of sex. ... more info

Bewitching Andie (Book 1 in the Baga Shores Romance Series)

byCandace Colt

Series: Baga Shores Romance (#1)

Published: 07 Jul 2022


BEWITCHING ANDIE is the first book in the Baga Shores Romance Series and is perfect for fans of feel-good, sweet romance stories, lovable magical characters, and enchanting small towns.... more info

Man Out of Time

byConstance Ruth Clark

Series: Wild Romance (#1)

Published: Clark Publishing House, LLC 01 Oct 2020


Her life is on the line, but she doesn’t know it. He needs a change or he may go mad. Don’t miss this Paranormal, historical fiction with romance, betrayal, and an unforgettable and powerful goddess.... more info

The Lady of the Glen - Preview

byMichelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

Series: The Glen Highland Romance (#2)

Published: 15 Apr 2019


Elayne MacNally knew one thing: Her reputation as the harpy of the highlands was well earned. Declan MacCollough did not want to follow his father as Laird of the reputed Beast Clan." Can they find love together? ... more info

A Hudson Outtake

byLara Norman

Series: Thoroughly Educated (#1)

Published: 16 Apr 2019


Do you miss Hudson and Reagan? Do you want to know what happens when he introduces his parents to his girlfriend? Read on to find out how Reagan helps him deal with the stress of it all.... more info

You Are My Sea

byTina Isabel Leung

Published: Sunflower Romance Press 17 Nov 2018


“You are my sea” is a 38 minutes long romantic read, featuring a male / male relationship, and it ends with an erotic scene. When Peter has a mental breakdown and rushes out of office, his coworker Arnold drops everything to help him...... more info

Sugar Magic

byIndia Kells

Series: The Sanctuary Chronicles (#0)

Published: 24 Aug 2018


Being different is overrated, especially when what sets you apart is more than your skin tone or your clothes. For Kat, being a telepath, with no complete control over her power, is what made her leave the big city and hide forever.... more info

My Billionaire Boss' rules

byTiny Sparks

Published: Erotic Impulses 18 Sep 2020


A contract, a sexual encounter and it all turns into an exciting hot rollercoaster into the teachings of BDSM.... more info

Snake Bitten

byNatalia Salsky

Published: 29 Aug 2018


This steamy dark romance is a delicious short that you wont be able to put down. The romance between this alpha bad boy and sexy undercover agent sizzles with heat and ends with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. ... more info

Freezing Touch

byNikki Bloom

Published: 08 Sep 2018


Winter Tyson was a woman who enjoyed exposing corruption and the dalliances of those who thought they were above the law. Everything changes when she first spots Marshall Lyons after all these years.... more info

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