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byIlianna Binoche

Published: 04 Sep 2018


When Chanel Taylor meets the charming Dr. Ari Gold, she feels a promise she made to herself could potentially be broken because of the attraction she feels for the sexy Jewish doctor. ... more info

The Jems and Jamz Series: Books 1-2

byNicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Series: The Jems and Jamz Series (#1)

Published: 17 Sep 2020


Find out how Jems and Jamz came to be through the love, the laughter, and even the heartbreak that made the band what it is today.... more info

To Dance in the Glen - Preview

byMichelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

Series: The Glen Highland Romance (#1)

Published: 12 Sep 2018


Meg is a clever and spritely woman who is certain of her place in life until the day the Laird's son helps rescue her from rogue Englishmen. Together they upset the status quo and begin a life. Can they overcome the challenges they face? ... more info

Chaebol Topaz: Bastard Son

byIlianna Binoche

Series: Chaebol Topaz (#2)

Published: 11 Aug 2018


This is the continuation of the book "Chaebol: Topaz". Now, Jae-Hyun must figure out a way to capture the heart of Topaz and show her the man he wants to be in her life. ... more info

Baby Matchmaker

byRose Chapman

Published: 26 Aug 2018


Would she be able to fight the smoking hot attraction, or would she simply end up in the playboys bed?... more info

Sex, Money & Me

byEmily Vincent

Published: 08 Oct 2018


I had one job to do, giving business men their drinks at the bar that had just opened. I didn’t think that I would be anything but that. Then life changed, things changed, and I found myself in the middle of a war. ... more info

byKyanna Skye

Published: 27 May 2020


I have been retired from Black Ops for years now. And though I work for Edgewater, I’ve avoided danger. I’m a single father with a little girl to raise, and she comes first. But I’m tired of lonely nights and an even colder bed. And then I met her.... more info

You Are The One

byJisha Rajesh

Published: 10 Feb 2019


A love story that will leave you smiling through tears.... more info

The Lady of the Glen - Preview

byMichelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

Series: The Glen Highland Romance (#2)

Published: 15 Apr 2019


Elayne MacNally knew one thing: Her reputation as the harpy of the highlands was well earned. Declan MacCollough did not want to follow his father as Laird of the reputed Beast Clan." Can they find love together? ... more info

Salty Beaches

byLaci Paige

Published: 10 Jul 2017


College is complicated enough already, but Aubrey winds up in a tug-of-war for her heart, despite her determination to keep her head down and study hard. She’s put aside her passion in order to excel at her first year of college, or so she thinks.... more info

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