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Girard’s Nude

byNancy Sweetland

Published: 25 Aug 2018


When a French artist meets an overweight small-town American woman at a cocktail party…and he’s always wanted to paint a Renaissance nude and she’s never had money of her own and nobody will know about it anyway...or will they? That’s Girard’s Nude.... more info

Dave Doolittle's Resumes That Work So You Don't Have To

byJoseph Ferguson

Published: 08 Nov 2016


Revenge is sweet! Get back at every fool that ever interviewed you, every boss who breathed down your neck, and every two-bit, Trump-like martinet that fired you! Dave Doolittle is here to save the day!... more info

Fall for Freedom

byWinnie Jean Howard

Published: 27 Aug 2018


Falsely blamed for closing the Gates of Hell, Pete Sinclair’s only option to escape Satan’s wrath is to help an angel apprentice capture a fallen angel with a nun fetish.... more info

The Jigsaw And The Fan

byStewart Bint

Published: Dragon Moon Press 15 Aug 2015


When Heaven goes on strike, the dearly departed take the opportunity to wreak some ghostly havoc. Described as "A freshly original and entertaining social satire - sharp and well-paced wit keeps the reader entertained from beginning to end."... more info

The Worst Man on Mars

byMark Roman & Corben Duke

Published: Grand Mal Press 02 Sep 2016


Jerry-built by useless robots, the first base on Mars awaits its British colonists. It’s nearly ready, too. Just lacking food, water and doors …... more info

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 Books
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