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The Novice Ghost Hunter

byMartin J. Best

Series: Ghost Hunter (#0)

Published: 07 Dec 2016


In a misguided effort to impress a girl, Malachi Hunter volunteers to investigate an allegedly haunted house. The eerie experiences that follow, lead to an unexpected and disturbing revelation. ... more info


byMT Hart

Series: The Mortal Series (#2)

Published: 21 May 2020


Who is watching me? I know he is a tall dark man. I feel his presence. I even see him at times. Why is he watching me and what does he know? I feel we will meet soon. He can't keep watching. I know he will let himself be known. ... more info

A Flash Of Horror

byKarina Kantas

Published: 12 Dec 2018


3 chilling flash fictions for you to enjoy.... more info

Judgement of Souls 2: The Call of the Righteous

byMargarita Felices

Published: Books To Go Now 17 Mar 2014


The Church and their secret army. The vampire world will never be the same. The saga begins.... more info

Echoes of Insanity

byR.A. Goli

Published: 23 Oct 2019


A Haunted Asylum Short Story. Is the asylum haunted or is journalist Emily Thatcher crazy? Or both?... more info

Of Nightmare Realities

byToneye Eyenot

Published: Luniakk Publications 08 Mar 2019


Delirium and psychosis are beginning to set in. Are these visions real? Or merely the hallucinatory projections of your sleep-deprived mind? Close your eyes. Rest your weary bones. Find yourself in the darkest corners of my mind(s)…Of Nightmare Real... more info

Choice Cuts-A Bite From The Dark Realm

byMichael J Elliott

Published: Plaisted Publishing 31 Oct 2016


Welcome to the Dark Realm. A delicious realm of darkness where the residents trade in the mundane for choice cuts of fear and dread. This collection of meaty tidbits will have you screaming for more.... more info

To Rise Again

byStewart Bint

Published: Creativia 04 Sep 2017


Horror, paranormal and science fiction combine in Stewart Bint's To Rise Again, as the threads of 1945 and 1983 slowly intertwine to reveal a world on the brink of destruction. ... more info

A Vampire's Dark Embrace

byBeatrix Arden

Published: 20 Jun 2019


Anya thought she saw the last of her husband after he was murdered by a vampire, but he still comes back to her bed at night. Contains adult language and scenes.... more info

Betray Me Not

byRobert White

Published: Grand Mal Press 16 Sep 2022


Revenge. Everyone wants it. Few attempt it. Even fewer like the women and girls in this collection that run the gamut from grisly through justifiable—at least, to them. Their reasons are as varied as their ages and backgrounds--and victims. ... more info

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