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byDyren Olen

Series: Reverse Trilogy (#1)

Published: 04 Feb 2019


Neither Ruby nor Donaldson imagined that this exploration into another dimension would change them in unimaginable ways. They were in for the biggest surprise of their lives because history, in the 19th century, was the opposite of all they believed.... more info

Slaughter at Little Bighorn

byOzzie Sollien

Published: 23 May 2019


Based on 26 years of research into first hand sources on the Custer battle written as a historical fiction novel with events seen through the eyes of a soldier who survived. A revealing look into Indian atrocities and the state of the 7th Cavalry. ... more info

Lord in the Shadows

byMargaret Manners

Published: Lirios Publishing 05 Oct 2018


What do you do when you must wed, but have never been in love? ... more info


bySherry A. Burton

Series: The Orphan Train Saga (#2)

Published: 28 Jun 2019


You met Tobias in book one, get to know him in book two as the journey continues. ... more info

The Humble Courier

byJ.T. Maicke

Published: Dreaming Big Publications 07 Sep 2021


A German priest struggles against the Nazis and the dreaded Gestapo in the new historical fiction novel, The Humble Courier.... more info

The Gift of Before

byDyren Olen

Published: 12 Sep 2014


Grace becomes even more determined when she has to endure the worst atrocities imaginable in a slaves life. Then God sends her a gift that enables her to bear it all. A love so strong that it reaches through time to right every wrong ever done to her... more info

SAMPLE: Amarna Book I: Book of Ida - A fictional interpretation of true events

byGrea Alexander

Series: Amarna (#1)

Published: SeaMonkey Ink 29 Apr 2017


Amarna is a historically accurate drama set in Ancient Egypt, Hattusa & Syria that is centered around the strange but true events surrounding the battle for the throne of Egypt following Pharaoh Tutankhamun's death,... more info

The Antonine Romans and The Golden Torque

byAndrew Boyce

Series: The Antonine Romans (#1)

Published: 09 May 2020


Jamis seeks revenge on the Romans for the death of his father. Nearing death, he is given a second chance & becomes a Translator for the Romans, seeking peace with the Scottish Tribes. ... more info

The Antonine Romans and The New King

byAndrew Boyce

Series: The Antonine Romans (#2)

Published: 27 Jun 2020


The Antonine Romans and The New King: Jamis becomes a Scottish King and his life is in the balance from the Romans. (Second in the series) ... more info

The long way home from Crete

byIsaac Kal

Published: 16 Mar 2021


The journey of a man who sacrifices everything to protect and provide for his family amidst the outbreak of WWII. ... more info

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