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Sword of Betrayal

byAvery Maitland

Series: Warrior's Claim (#1)

Published: 15 Jan 2021


Torrun Arndottir never wanted to be a leader, but her father left her no choice. Rebellion is brewing outside the village fortifications. There are rumors that the Jarl has been cursed by the gods—a new leader must be chosen.... more info


bySherry A. Burton

Series: The Orphan Train Saga (#1)

Published: 25 Dec 2018


She wondered what her papa would have thought of her current predicament. He had been excited when he learned they gave away free land. Would he have been as excited to learn they gave away children as well? ... more info

Friends and Enemies

bySteven Turner-Bone

Published: 10 Sep 2018


Who can you trust during a civil war? When your plans for the future have been destroyed, how do you start again? Who is right and who is wrong and how do you seek revenge on someone who has murdered the love of your life? Mathew must learn quickly.... more info

Blood and Silver

byVali Benson

Published: Tellwell Publishing 04 Apr 2020


Blood and Silver is about a twelve year old girl in 1880's Tombstone, AZ who runs into all kinds of trouble trying to save her mother's life. A beautiful story filled with heart and careful attention to period detail. ... more info

The Humble Courier

byJ.T. Maicke

Published: Dreaming Big Publications 07 Sep 2021


A German priest struggles against the Nazis and the dreaded Gestapo in the new historical fiction novel, The Humble Courier.... more info

The Gift of Before

byDyren Olen

Published: 12 Sep 2014


Grace becomes even more determined when she has to endure the worst atrocities imaginable in a slaves life. Then God sends her a gift that enables her to bear it all. A love so strong that it reaches through time to right every wrong ever done to her... more info

The Bootlegger's Friend

byClare Blando

Published: 17 Dec 2018


BOOTLEGGERS FRIEND is based on the true story of Johnny Lazia, a gifted politician who is admired and respected in Kansas City who embodies rough-and-tumble politics in the 1920s.... more info

A Witness to Conflict

byP.J. Roscoe

Published: 21 May 2019


A short story set during the build up to the battle of Culloden from a young Scottish orphan's point of view. ... more info


bySherry A. Burton

Series: The Orphan Train Saga (#2)

Published: 28 Jun 2019


You met Tobias in book one, get to know him in book two as the journey continues. ... more info

Lord in the Shadows

byMargaret Manners

Published: Lirios Publishing 05 Oct 2018


What do you do when you must wed, but have never been in love? ... more info

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