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byJ.E. Rowney

Published: 19 Jul 2019


Eva Dawson is lost. Working as a photographer, she stumbles upon the world of urban exploration, and starts to find beauty in broken things. Meanwhile, her marriage is just as broken as the buildings she sets out to explore.... more info

When the Storm Ends

byRebecca L Marsh

Published: 06 Oct 2018


A child psychologist is confronted by the demons of her own past when she is tasked with reaching a young girl who is about to go on trial for the murder of her father.... more info

Scout's Honor

byDori Ann Dupre

Published: EJD Press 27 Jan 2019


A 2016 Readers' Favorite Bronze Award Winner and a 2017 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist, Scout's Honor asks...Who owns the rights to your honor when its been taken from you? This is a story of a self, losta self, loathedand a self, rediscovered.... more info

Pride and Prejudice - English and French (Bilingual)

byJane Austen

Series: Bilingual Classics English and French (#1)

Published: Glassbow 22 Dec 2018


Paragraph-by-paragraph translation makes it easy for you to learn a new language while reading. Professional, accurate translation.... more info

Pride and Prejudice - English and Hindi (Bilingual)

byJane Austen

Published: Glassbow 22 Dec 2018


*Paragraph-by-paragraph translation makes it easy for you to learn a new language while reading. *Professional, accurate translation. ... more info

Damage A Road to Recovery

byKiera Yore

Published: 27 Feb 2021


Have you ever looked back on your life, and felt like you were damaged goods? Unworthy of love, and at times of life? This story is about overcoming sexual assualt during childhood. While providing women with steps to learn how to self heal. ... more info

Sweet Jane

byJoanne Kukanza Easley

Published: Black Rose Writing 19 Mar 2020


After a broken childhood, Jane runs away at sixteen right on time for the Summer of Love. Seventeen years later, her return for Mama’s funeral catapults her back to the events that made her the woman she is.... more info

The Enemies Within

byKirsten Beckworth

Published: 05 Aug 2021


It's the long hot summer of 2018 and four colleagues' situations are about to reach boiling point. ... more info

Memphis Movie

byCorey Mesler

Published: 07 Apr 2015


Eric Warberg went to Hollywood to make it big. For many years, he was successful, until directing a few box office bombs made him virtually unemployable. An opportunity presents itself for a return to his hometown of Memphis, to direct a small film.... more info

A Collection of Short Stories or Tales

byReuben Shupp

Published: 27 May 2021


It had to be a joke. A bad one. What other reason could someone have to send Alex a picture of the clown with the letters N-E-X-T written across it. Just a joke. Even if it was written in blood. What's the punchline? ... more info

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