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Point of View: It's all relative really.

byPhoebe Wilby

Published: Delahoyde Publishing Company Limited 08 Aug 2015


This collection of short stories, poetry and essays highlights the truth in the statement that everyone has a story to tell. Even the mundane can become interesting depending on the points of view of the story teller. Its all relative, really.... more info

Child's Heaven

byLorna MIchael's

Published: 18 May 2019


a short story oh what heaven is like from a child's POV... more info

If You Were There

byErik Edwards

Published: DogEar Publishing 26 Mar 2019


Teen love and loss takes center stage in new book released by Dog Ear Publishing. Author Erik Edwards based the story on his own life.... more info

Just A Number

byCarla D E Godfrey

Published: 14 Feb 2017


On the morning of Valentine's Day, thirty-six year old divorcee Martin Lewis receives a letter, suddenly, his mind is transported back to the past and memories emerge that he would rather forget.... more info

Vengeful Hearts

byRaven Moon

Series: Fate of the Witch (#2)

Published: 23 Jun 2018


Rainelle seeks refuge in the Forbidden Caverns with Samuel by her side. Just when she thought she was going to be safe, things take an unexpected turn. What will happen when she runs into ghosts from the past?Can she make it out alive? ... more info

Karessa' Vault in One Way Out

byJ. Wrice Sr.

Series: The lone marauder series (#1)

Published: 20 Jul 2017


Karessa' leads a dangerous life. Growing up in an environment of dereliction to become a notorious criminal, being in the underworld of society trouble can come from anywhere. When she put her trust in a friend, it turns into a inescapable situation.... more info

Planning the Perfect Party: A Step by Step Guide From Start to Finish & Beyond

byLaura Johnson

Published: 01 May 2019


Planning a party can be easy and fun. there are 110 party theme ideas included in this step-by-step guide for planning a unique and memorable party. Start planning the best party ever. A checklist and my contact information are included.... more info

Immortal Hearts

byRaven Moon

Series: Fate of the Witch (#1)

Published: 23 Jun 2018


Rainelle Sterling moved home after her 5 year relationship ended. Once home she reconnects with her brother and friends, but what was supposed to be a fun trip turns into something dangerous and deadly. ... more info

Time is of the Essence

byPhoebe Wilby

Published: Delahoyde Publishing Company Limited 23 Sep 2017


Time marches on. Use it wisely... These stories all have time as their theme. Some deal with a specific point in time while others explore time in other ways.... more info

Memphis Movie

byCorey Mesler

Published: 07 Apr 2015


Eric Warberg went to Hollywood to make it big. For many years, he was successful, until directing a few box office bombs made him virtually unemployable. An opportunity presents itself for a return to his hometown of Memphis, to direct a small film.... more info

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