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When the Storm Ends

byRebecca L Marsh

Published: 06 Oct 2018


A child psychologist is confronted by the demons of her own past when she is tasked with reaching a young girl who is about to go on trial for the murder of her father.... more info

Point of View: It's all relative really.

byPhoebe Wilby

Published: Delahoyde Publishing Company Limited 08 Aug 2015


This collection of short stories, poetry and essays highlights the truth in the statement that everyone has a story to tell. Even the mundane can become interesting depending on the points of view of the story teller. Its all relative, really.... more info

A Holiday Revenge So Cold: A Christmas to Remember


Series: A Holiday Revenge So Cold: May The Last B*tch Be Left Standing (#1)

Published: 10 Dec 2020


Tis’ the season to be jolly, is the melody everyone sings in their head around Christmas while exchanging gifts and enjoying family. But we all know the Grinch isn’t too far away, ready to snatch away the holiday cheer. Cherish decides that this ye... more info

Pride and Prejudice - English and German (Bilingual)

byJane Austen

Published: Glassbow 22 Dec 2018


Paragraph-by-paragraph translation makes it easy for you to learn a new language while reading. Professional, accurate translation.... more info

Time is of the Essence

byPhoebe Wilby

Published: Delahoyde Publishing Company Limited 23 Sep 2017


Time marches on. Use it wisely... These stories all have time as their theme. Some deal with a specific point in time while others explore time in other ways.... more info

A Collection of Short Stories or Tales

byReuben Shupp

Published: 27 May 2021


It had to be a joke. A bad one. What other reason could someone have to send Alex a picture of the clown with the letters N-E-X-T written across it. Just a joke. Even if it was written in blood. What's the punchline? ... more info

The Afrikaner

byArianna Dagnino

Published: Guernica 01 Apr 2019


A hijacking in deeper Johannesburg goes horribly wrong. Zoe du Plessis, a paleontologist of Afrikaner origin, is suddenly confronted with her familys secret, seemingly wrapped in an old Xhosas spell. ... more info

The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five

byDionne Abouelela

Published: Pen Name Publishing 14 Aug 2018


Blossom Springtime Weatherby Franklin doesn't know much, but she does know that she's tired of life in a small town. Through a hilarious series of unfortunate events and bad decisions, Blossom finds out exactly what she's capable of.... more info

Sweet Jane

byJoanne Kukanza Easley

Published: Black Rose Writing 19 Mar 2020


After a broken childhood, Jane runs away at sixteen right on time for the Summer of Love. Seventeen years later, her return for Mama’s funeral catapults her back to the events that made her the woman she is.... more info

All in a Day's Dance

byL.R. Lane

Published: 08 Mar 2013


All in a Day's Dance is about a young woman with a desire to ensure that her future is the epitome of perfection. Her plan - meticulously engineered has an unusual twist becoming a music suite exclusive to her. She must figure out why.... more info

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