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Pride and Prejudice - English and Russian (Bilingual)

byJane Austen

Series: Bilingual Classics English and Russian (#1)

Published: Glassbow 22 Dec 2018


Paragraph-by-paragraph translation makes it easy for you to learn a new language while reading. Professional, accurate translation.... more info

The Rift Between Us

byRebecca L Marsh

Published: 08 Jul 2019


Three estranged sisters are brought back together by a stipulation in their father's will.... more info

The Enemies Within

byKirsten Beckworth

Published: 05 Aug 2021


It's the long hot summer of 2018 and four colleagues' situations are about to reach boiling point. ... more info


byby LUCKY MUNEMO (Author)

Published: 12 Nov 2020


For many people, achieving financial freedom is a goal. It usually means having sufficient savings, investments, and cash in hand to afford the lifestyle we want for ourselves and our families, and a growing nest egg that will allow us to retire.... more info

Memphis Movie

byCorey Mesler

Published: 07 Apr 2015


Eric Warberg went to Hollywood to make it big. For many years, he was successful, until directing a few box office bombs made him virtually unemployable. An opportunity presents itself for a return to his hometown of Memphis, to direct a small film.... more info

The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five

byDionne Abouelela

Published: Pen Name Publishing 14 Aug 2018


Blossom Springtime Weatherby Franklin doesn't know much, but she does know that she's tired of life in a small town. Through a hilarious series of unfortunate events and bad decisions, Blossom finds out exactly what she's capable of.... more info

Scout's Honor

byDori Ann Dupre

Published: EJD Press 27 Jan 2019


A 2016 Readers' Favorite Bronze Award Winner and a 2017 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist, Scout's Honor asks...Who owns the rights to your honor when its been taken from you? This is a story of a self, losta self, loathedand a self, rediscovered.... more info

You Sound White

byKelly Morgan

Published: Bright Headed Publishing, LCC 09 Sep 2020


You Sound White is the story of protagonist Tallulah and a cast of young aspiring African-American women five years post-college. ... more info

Point of View: It's all relative really.

byPhoebe Wilby

Published: Delahoyde Publishing Company Limited 08 Aug 2015


This collection of short stories, poetry and essays highlights the truth in the statement that everyone has a story to tell. Even the mundane can become interesting depending on the points of view of the story teller. Its all relative, really.... more info

Walking the Pages (Short Stories Book 5)

byAnne C West

Series: Short Stories (#5)

Published: 04 Dec 2016


Joan is a widow and a mother. When her life changes in a moment, their dream and their son, keeps her from letting go.... more info

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