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Ty and Tia: Love in The Deep


Published: 13 Mar 2020


Love in The Deep is tumultuous! And when youre trying to find yourself, while others want you as theirs, it can be the breeding ground for drama.... more info

Chains of the Underworld

byBeatrix Arden

Published: 18 Feb 2020


Master Alistair is a kind immortal who will never die, so I thought that I'd never have to suffer like other souls in Hell. How wrong I was. I may have nothing, but I'll be the first soul to find a way out of the Underworld. FREE on KU!!... more info

Shattered Dimensions

byNicole Coverdale

Series: The Wiccan Way (#4)

Published: 30 Jul 2019


Ten months ago, they learned about their magical heritage and met their family. Now, with everyone scattered, Josi, Jessi, and Jami must find their way back and save Julie from the dark side that will usher in the apocalypse and destroy them all.... more info

Ethereal Custody: Anthologies


Published: 01 Dec 2018


Deprived of love and nature, a young man, who was born in an underground slum, decides to risk his life for a chance to reach the surface. In his pursuit, he discovers he is part of a much larger scheme and inadvertently beckons the supernatural.... more info

Staff: When darkness reigns, Prequel book 1

byRobin N Greenwood

Series: When darkness reigns (#5)

Published: 21 Jul 2019


Imagine a fury that can burn hundreds of years. Imagine the vengeance burning with the heart of a noble who has discovered that his Emperor killed his family and took all that they had. All that he had grown up with, all that he ever knew brutally r... more info

Heart of Honor: Warrior Code

byMichael McNamara Sr

Series: Heart of Honor (#1)

Published: 23 Jul 2015


Adventures of a young hero who must find the courage and wisdom to lead his people to freedom, oppose a conquering king, unite the realms against a common enemy,uphold justice, protect his family, and honor his friends. Sweeping, heroic fantasy tale!... more info


byNicole Coverdale

Series: The Wiccan Way (#3)

Published: 23 Apr 2019


When light and dark collide, one sister must make a choice that could change their lives... forever. ... more info

Lost Tides

byH. M. Sandlin

Series: Elemental Seekers (#1)

Published: 13 Jul 2019


With a small fall, Sally's life changes, as she awakens elemental powers she never knew existed. Now she must navigate a new school filled with others like her all trying to learn more about their powers while a rebel group tries to kidnap her.... more info

The Fairy Squad Princesses: A Magical Awakening (Volume One)

byMarcus Moutra

Series: The Fairy Squad Princesses (#1)

Published: 28 Jul 2018


It's finally freshmen year! Serena, Crystal, Ivy, and Kristy are officially high school girls! The besties reunite with their longtime guy friends who are now sophomores. After school, the group decides to go check out the new Fruitlicious... ... more info

Camp Arcanum

byJosef Matulich

Series: Arcanum Faire (#1)

Published: 24 Aug 2019


A comedy of sex, magick, and power tools. Marc Sindri is sent to a small town to build a renaissance faire, but finds himself hip deep in witches, demons, and reanimated roadkill.... more info

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