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Abrama's End Game

byDavid Shultz

Series: After Dinner Conversation Short Story Series (#21)

Published: After Dinner Conversation 13 Jan 2020


Abrama learns the gods created her dimension as their play-space to visit, and is forced to fight across realities when she discovers their plan to shut it down.... more info

Deadly Secrets


Series: Deadly Secrets: Brothers that Bite (#1)

Published: 09 Jan 2019


Taria and LaToya find themselves embroiled in a world they never even knew existed. Familiar faces around campus emerge as the victims of two of the most shocking kidnapping and murder cases in history. ... more info

Ethereal Custody: Anthologies


Published: 01 Dec 2018


Deprived of love and nature, a young man, who was born in an underground slum, decides to risk his life for a chance to reach the surface. In his pursuit, he discovers he is part of a much larger scheme and inadvertently beckons the supernatural.... more info

The Fairy Squad Princesses: A Magical Awakening (Volume One)

byMarcus Moutra

Series: The Fairy Squad Princesses (#1)

Published: 28 Jul 2018


It's finally freshmen year! Serena, Crystal, Ivy, and Kristy are officially high school girls! The besties reunite with their longtime guy friends who are now sophomores. After school, the group decides to go check out the new Fruitlicious... ... more info

Broken Realms: Finding Home Tale 1

byCalvin The Author

Series: Broken Realms: Finding Home (#1)

Published: 30 Sep 2019


What if the world of fantasy was not make believe? What if it showed up today? Broken Realms is a post-apocalyptic, modern, action adventure, fantasy, survival, romance that follows a young couple as they survive against mad dictators, steampunk air... more info

Clash of Goddesses

byR.A. Goli

Published: 14 Sep 2019


A Norse Mythology short story based on the lesser-known goddess and Frigga's messenger, Gna'.... more info

Zombies in Neverland

byJay Coates

Published: 25 Feb 2019


Second star to the right, and straight on til' the zombie apocalypse. JM Barrie's classic masterpiece, Peter Pan, gets a cannabalistic sequel in this action-packed, high-flying, horrifyingly funny novel.... more info

The Lost Tayamu

byBen Cass

Published: 15 Jul 2018


When the new coach in town saves Jen Aston's life, everything changes for Jen and her teenage sister Ellie. Jen starts to fall in love, while Ellie is determined to solve the enigma that is Coach Doyle. But are they ready for the magic that awaits?... more info

Ghost Hunter: Of Gods and Ghosts

byMartin J. Best

Series: Ghost Hunter (#2)

Published: 31 Jul 2016


Leaving Teena and Carolyn to investigate a disturbing and unorthodox haunting, Mal finds himself drawn into a conflict over a supernatural being that he never imagined existed with potentially devastating consequences for them all.... more info

Sword: When darkness reigns, Prequel book 2

byRobin N Greenwood

Series: When darkness reigns (#6)

Published: 21 Jul 2019


Vengeance has total recall. The Undying has struck back and he has brought with him a good many friends. What does he want, well revenge and of course the crushing of the small kingdom of Atiria, the annihilation of anyone that opposes him and most o... more info

Showing 1 - 10 of 52 BooksNEXT >
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