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Ghost Hunter: Blood Ties

byMartin J. Best

Series: Ghost Hunter (#3)

Published: 29 Nov 2017


The ghost hunters investigate a bizarre haunting which turns into a harrowing double possession. As they work, an occultist attempts to extract Celtic God Camulos from his haven at Summerlands with fatal consequences!... more info

Nothing About Us Without Us

byDavid Perlmutter

Published: 14 Jun 2019


You may not think they are real, but they are. And they are more dangerous than you might think...... more info

Children of the Empire: World on Fire

byBirdy Rivers

Series: Children of the Empire (#1)

Published: 17 May 2021


... more info

Daughter of Magic

byJ. D. Ruffin

Series: The Kingdom War (#2)

Published: 12 Oct 2021


Daughter of Magic is the second book in the acclaimed, action-packed Kingdom War series. If you love fantasy, crave adventure, and witty humor tickles your funny bone, this series is for you!... more info

The Dark Begining

byBrendan and Lori O'Gara

Published: 07 Feb 2019


The Dark Beginning is a fast-paced look into the life of one of Thanatos Mooreclasian Magne's recovered souls and a brief glimpse at the necromancer's methods.... more info

The Thread

byOphelia Kee

Series: Draoithe (#0)

Published: 05 Jan 2020


Prologue for Draoithe: A Pack Forms Meet Luke the retired army colonel and Eli the highschool teacher before they meet one another. They both have secrets that they dont want to share. Can they resist the pull of the magic of the dream?... more info

Filth and Death

byOphelia Kee

Series: Draoithe (#11)

Published: 24 Feb 2020


Frank Grimes is a lowlife, no count, barely classifiable as a human, male who just happens to have enough sense to hire and retain qualified construction workers.... more info

Light and Dark Magic

byOphelia Kee

Series: Draoithe (#6)

Published: 26 May 2019


While the dragon Smoke struggled with the fact that his Nephilim immediately chose him for herself then set him up to be murdered...... more info

Wizards and Grotesques

byOphelia Kee

Series: Draoithe (#1)

Published: 15 Sep 2021


Noblesse Oblige lives in the souls of two young men who have found their lifemates broken. ... more info

Story Bends

byS.D. Henke

Published: Pen Name Publishing 09 Oct 2018


Death is a fine teacher, and trauma an even greater torment in the spine-tingling tale of STORY BENDS, a versified young adult fantasy where bent realities wait in a world built of tilted memories.... more info

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