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The Bound

byMichelle Connor

Series: Hers to Save (#1)

Published: 21 Oct 2017


Follow Aveline as she flees the only home shes known while befriending a dragon. Together they start a journey which will lead them to new friends and into a battle they didnt know was being fought.... more info

Sword: When darkness reigns, Prequel book 2

byRobin N Greenwood

Series: When darkness reigns (#6)

Published: 21 Jul 2019


Vengeance has total recall. The Undying has struck back and he has brought with him a good many friends. What does he want, well revenge and of course the crushing of the small kingdom of Atiria, the annihilation of anyone that opposes him and most o... more info

Ethereal Custody: Anthologies


Published: 01 Dec 2018


Deprived of love and nature, a young man, who was born in an underground slum, decides to risk his life for a chance to reach the surface. In his pursuit, he discovers he is part of a much larger scheme and inadvertently beckons the supernatural.... more info

Satan's Cradle

byDJ Hobbs

Published: 29 Mar 2021


A (100% indie) contemporary, urban, supernatural, fantasy adventure (that's not to be trusted).... more info

Ghost Hunter: Remnants and Revenants

byMartin J. Best

Series: Ghost Hunter (#4)

Published: 01 Nov 2018


A ghost that shouldnt exist. An ancient secret uncovered. A sinister paranormal research foundation. An abandoned God. The ghost hunters find themselves fighting for their lives in two realities, resolving the haunting their only hope of survival!... more info

Abrama's End Game

byDavid Shultz

Series: After Dinner Conversation Short Story Series (#21)

Published: After Dinner Conversation 13 Jan 2020


Abrama learns the gods created her dimension as their play-space to visit, and is forced to fight across realities when she discovers their plan to shut it down.... more info

Radiant Shadows: Beginnings

bySarah Baethge

Series: Radiant Shadows (#1)

Published: 27 Jan 2014


A darkly comic novel in stories about a young private investigators desire to circumvent evil, an unlucky lovers failure to understand his own helplessness, and a dissatisfied wanna-be vampires effort to serve her own best interests.... more info

Rainbow People Of The Glittering Glade

byDavid Shultz

Published: After Dinner Conversation 11 Nov 2019


Three kingdom wards are sent to investigate the reclusive "Rainbow People" of the shifting desert.... more info

Heart of Honor: Warrior Code

byMichael McNamara Sr

Series: Heart of Honor (#1)

Published: 23 Jul 2015


Adventures of a young hero who must find the courage and wisdom to lead his people to freedom, oppose a conquering king, unite the realms against a common enemy,uphold justice, protect his family, and honor his friends. Sweeping, heroic fantasy tale!... more info

The Day I Died...

bySam Godfrey

Published: 29 Aug 2020


After a mix-up and Lana’s life is cut short, Dean’s world is thrown into turmoil, but can fate lend a hand? Will Lana be able to find her way back? Can Dean hold his nerve for the woman he loves?... more info

Showing 1 - 10 of 56 BooksNEXT >
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