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Destiny Awaits

byNicole Coverdale

Series: The Wiccan Way (#1)

Published: 24 Sep 2018


Josslyn, Jade, and Julie Morgan never imagined magic was real... Now they have magical powers, another sister, and the forces of darkness are coming for them...... more info

Arthur Rex: In Principio

byJ. A. Cummings

Published: 16 Mar 2019


An epic retelling of the King Arthur legend. You only think you know the story.... more info


byStewart Bint

Published: Creativia 05 Jun 2018


Stewart Bint’s collection of 21 short stories ranges from the sublime, through powerful, puzzling, funny, horrific and different, to the unforgivably ridiculous.... more info

The Bound

byMichelle Connor

Series: Hers to Save (#1)

Published: 21 Oct 2017


Follow Aveline as she flees the only home shes known while befriending a dragon. Together they start a journey which will lead them to new friends and into a battle they didnt know was being fought.... more info

Staff: When darkness reigns, Prequel book 1

byRobin N Greenwood

Series: When darkness reigns (#5)

Published: 21 Jul 2019


Imagine a fury that can burn hundreds of years. Imagine the vengeance burning with the heart of a noble who has discovered that his Emperor killed his family and took all that they had. All that he had grown up with, all that he ever knew brutally r... more info

Faery:The Tiend

byIgo Rab

Series: Faery (#1)

Published: 04 Oct 2019


"Away with us to a faraway land, I will take you by the hand. And by the hand you will come with me, To all the terrible things you'll see." ... more info

The Power of Love, a short story

byKaren J Mossman

Published: 07 Oct 2019


As the King plays his music, his kingdom can hear him play but Jorge can see the musical notes raining down on him. The music lures him so the castle, Jorge is shocked by what he finds. A delightful short story by multi-genre author Karen J Mossman ... more info

Broken Realms: Finding Home Tale 1

byCalvin The Author

Series: Broken Realms: Finding Home (#1)

Published: 30 Sep 2019


What if the world of fantasy was not make believe? What if it showed up today? Broken Realms is a post-apocalyptic, modern, action adventure, fantasy, survival, romance that follows a young couple as they survive against mad dictators, steampunk air... more info

Clash of Goddesses

byR.A. Goli

Published: 14 Sep 2019


A Norse Mythology short story based on the lesser-known goddess and Frigga's messenger, Gna'.... more info

Storm Born

byLisa McLean

Published: 11 Nov 2018


Lara Mackenzie is a special kind of witch. She is a stormcaster. After her and her friends were attacked by a messenger of a being of darkness, Lara's stormcaster powers emerge which gives her the power to defeat the darkness.... more info

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