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The Unfettered Child (Sample Download)

byMichael C. Sahd

Published: 28 Aug 2019


Her tribe is shattered. Her parents are gone. And an unimaginable power has awoken within her. Now, 8-year-old Samara must rely on a mysterious disembodied voice to help reunite her with her family.... more info

Abrama's End Game

byDavid Shultz

Series: After Dinner Conversation Short Story Series (#21)

Published: After Dinner Conversation 13 Jan 2020


Abrama learns the gods created her dimension as their play-space to visit, and is forced to fight across realities when she discovers their plan to shut it down.... more info

Shadow of War

byJ. D. Ruffin

Series: The Kingdom War (#3)

Published: 09 Nov 2021


Shadow of war is the third book in the acclaimed, action-packed Kingdom War series by J.D. Ruffin. If you love fantasy, crave adventure, and witty humor tickles your funny bone, you'll love this series!... more info

Rainbow People Of The Glittering Glade

byDavid Shultz

Published: After Dinner Conversation 11 Nov 2019


Three kingdom wards are sent to investigate the reclusive "Rainbow People" of the shifting desert.... more info

Arthur Rex: In Principio

byJ. A. Cummings

Published: 16 Mar 2019


An epic retelling of the King Arthur legend. You only think you know the story.... more info

Storm Born

byLisa McLean

Published: 11 Nov 2018


Lara Mackenzie is a special kind of witch. She is a stormcaster. After her and her friends were attacked by a messenger of a being of darkness, Lara's stormcaster powers emerge which gives her the power to defeat the darkness.... more info

The Dark Begining

byBrendan and Lori O'Gara

Published: 07 Feb 2019


The Dark Beginning is a fast-paced look into the life of one of Thanatos Mooreclasian Magne's recovered souls and a brief glimpse at the necromancer's methods.... more info

Heart of Honor: Warrior Code

byMichael McNamara Sr

Series: Heart of Honor (#1)

Published: 23 Jul 2015


Adventures of a young hero who must find the courage and wisdom to lead his people to freedom, oppose a conquering king, unite the realms against a common enemy,uphold justice, protect his family, and honor his friends. Sweeping, heroic fantasy tale!... more info


byVeronica Garland

Series: The Emberjar (#1)

Published: 07 Sep 2019


Talla leaves the closed confines of the Temple to explore the Outer world and soon finds herself at the centre of a quest to find the new Queen. She soon discovers uncomfortable truths about her world and the sinister, entangled threads of power.... more info

Once Upon a Hallow's Eve

byNicole Coverdale

Series: The Wiccan Way (#2)

Published: 31 Oct 2018


On all Hallow's Eve, as Josslyn, Jade, Julie, and Jasmine look to have a good ole time at the annual masquerade party, someone is planning to take away the very happy endings they grew up with...... more info

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