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byStewart Bint

Published: Creativia 05 Jun 2018


Stewart Bint’s collection of 21 short stories ranges from the sublime, through powerful, puzzling, funny, horrific and different, to the unforgivably ridiculous.... more info

Ghost Hunter: Blood Ties

byMartin J. Best

Series: Ghost Hunter (#3)

Published: 29 Nov 2017


The ghost hunters investigate a bizarre haunting which turns into a harrowing double possession. As they work, an occultist attempts to extract Celtic God Camulos from his haven at Summerlands with fatal consequences!... more info

Radiant Shadows: Beginnings

bySarah Baethge

Series: Radiant Shadows (#1)

Published: 27 Jan 2014


A darkly comic novel in stories about a young private investigators desire to circumvent evil, an unlucky lovers failure to understand his own helplessness, and a dissatisfied wanna-be vampires effort to serve her own best interests.... more info

Ghost Hunter: A Matter of Faith

byMartin J. Best

Series: Ghost Hunter (#1)

Published: 30 Oct 2015


After a traumatic time in his personal life, Malachi Hunter investigates an aggressive haunting, and finds himself dealing with a dangerous, inhuman entity. The problem escalates, taxing his resolve to the extreme to defend his friends and family.... more info

Ghost Hunter: Remnants and Revenants

byMartin J. Best

Series: Ghost Hunter (#4)

Published: 01 Nov 2018


A ghost that shouldnt exist. An ancient secret uncovered. A sinister paranormal research foundation. An abandoned God. The ghost hunters find themselves fighting for their lives in two realities, resolving the haunting their only hope of survival!... more info

The Sorcerer's Conquest

byMikkell K Khan

Series: The Enixar (#1)

Published: 13 Mar 2018


When a magical king becomes obsessed in his search for a mythical creature and causes devastation upon the realm, his inexperienced adviser is forced to choose between his honour or his family.... more info

If You Believe in Love at First Sight (The Speed of Darkness short story)

bySarah Baethge

Series: The Speed of Darkness (#4)

Published: 10 Apr 2017


Joel Shine is led into trouble when he follows a pretty face.... more info

A Step Aside

byMartin J. Best

Published: 14 Aug 2015


Stuart Price finds himself unwittingly transported to the parallel reality of Dumnonia, where the inhabitants are refugees from the thirteenth century and the amoral Celtic Gods rule. Can he escape, or will he be lost to his family forever?... more info

Ghost Hunter: Of Gods and Ghosts

byMartin J. Best

Series: Ghost Hunter (#2)

Published: 31 Jul 2016


Leaving Teena and Carolyn to investigate a disturbing and unorthodox haunting, Mal finds himself drawn into a conflict over a supernatural being that he never imagined existed with potentially devastating consequences for them all.... more info

Storm Born

byLisa McLean

Published: 11 Nov 2018


Lara Mackenzie is a special kind of witch. She is a stormcaster. After her and her friends were attacked by a messenger of a being of darkness, Lara's stormcaster powers emerge which gives her the power to defeat the darkness.... more info

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