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Guarded Skies

byH. M. Sandlin

Series: Elemental Seekers (#2)

Published: 01 Oct 2019


Struggling to stay ahead of the Pulhu, Sally must find the air elementals before summer. The Pulhu are a constant threat, but now even some of the kids at school are siding with the Pulhu. With only a few people she can trust, what will Sally do?... more info


byCris Pasqueralle

Series: The Destiny Trilogy (#1)

Published: Cosby Media Productions 17 Jun 2014


Twins Jack and Maddie Austin must travel to an unknkwn magical realm to save their parents from an evil wizard, and learn who, and what, they truly are. ... more info

Ty and Tia: Love in The Deep


Published: 13 Mar 2020


Love in The Deep is tumultuous! And when youre trying to find yourself, while others want you as theirs, it can be the breeding ground for drama.... more info

Deadly Secrets


Series: Deadly Secrets: Brothers that Bite (#1)

Published: 09 Jan 2019


Taria and LaToya find themselves embroiled in a world they never even knew existed. Familiar faces around campus emerge as the victims of two of the most shocking kidnapping and murder cases in history. ... more info

Broken Realms: Finding Home Tale 1

byCalvin The Author

Series: Broken Realms: Finding Home (#1)

Published: 30 Sep 2019


What if the world of fantasy was not make believe? What if it showed up today? Broken Realms is a post-apocalyptic, modern, action adventure, fantasy, survival, romance that follows a young couple as they survive against mad dictators, steampunk air... more info

If You Believe in Love at First Sight (The Speed of Darkness short story)

bySarah Baethge

Series: The Speed of Darkness (#4)

Published: 10 Apr 2017


Joel Shine is led into trouble when he follows a pretty face.... more info

The Sorcerer's Conquest

byMikkell K Khan

Series: The Enixar (#1)

Published: 13 Mar 2018


When a magical king becomes obsessed in his search for a mythical creature and causes devastation upon the realm, his inexperienced adviser is forced to choose between his honour or his family.... more info

Staff: When darkness reigns, Prequel book 1

byRobin N Greenwood

Series: When darkness reigns (#5)

Published: 21 Jul 2019


Imagine a fury that can burn hundreds of years. Imagine the vengeance burning with the heart of a noble who has discovered that his Emperor killed his family and took all that they had. All that he had grown up with, all that he ever knew brutally r... more info


byVeronica Garland

Series: The Emberjar (#1)

Published: 07 Sep 2019


Talla leaves the closed confines of the Temple to explore the Outer world and soon finds herself at the centre of a quest to find the new Queen. She soon discovers uncomfortable truths about her world and the sinister, entangled threads of power.... more info

Storm Born

byLisa McLean

Published: 11 Nov 2018


Lara Mackenzie is a special kind of witch. She is a stormcaster. After her and her friends were attacked by a messenger of a being of darkness, Lara's stormcaster powers emerge which gives her the power to defeat the darkness.... more info

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