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Love, Sex & Witchery

byTarrant Smith

Published: 09 Jan 2021


Love, Sex & Witchery is a collection of poetry and poetic prose which is organized into the title's three themes, Love and witchery comprise the largest sections.... more info

Flow Like Lyrics

byLori Katherine

Published: 18 Jul 2018


A passionate journey through the different emotions experienced throughout life. This poetry book of a short voyage,is an exploration of love, pain, relationships, loss, finding one's self, and learning to love the life you've been given. ... more info

Destination Known

byJoseph Ferguson

Published: 08 May 2018


"Ferguson writes with a very strong sense of realism and a degree of world-weariness in his profound poems that work like snapshots of different events and memories.... more info

My Poetry From My Heart and Soul To Yours

byMarie Ward

Published: 22 Aug 2021


All about how I portray my feelings and thoughts... more info

Reflections of a Scurvy Bastard

byJoseph Ferguson

Published: 30 Jun 2017


Poems of nature. Poems of the street. Gritty, light. Nostalgic, raw. Stark, indelible images that leap off the page and smack you stupid. Poems to make you flinch. Poems to make you smile. They’re all here. Waiting ... more info

When Love Rises

byMichelle G. Stradford

Published: 20 Apr 2019


A collection of prose and poetic reflections that celebrates falling in love, explores the darkness of heartbreak, and offers encouragement to embrace the light and growth that comes from healing and moving forward. ... more info

silence echoed: poetries that heal

byAshmi Sheth

Published: 08 Jun 2019


Get onto the path of healing, passing through the different boulevards on Life, Love, Humanity, The Power of a Woman, Being a Piscean, the ironical Gifts of Globalisation, and Mental Illness.... more info

Her Story - A Womanist Perspective on Mary

byErmelinda Makkimane

Series: Her Story (#1)

Published: 18 Jul 2020


What the Bible leaves unsaid about Mary.... That's from where this book picks off. A feminine retelling... a woman's voice heard clearly... The book is sure to resonate with all manner of readers.... more info

and I was hungry (Radiant Shadows)

bySarah Baethge

Published: 14 Apr 2017


A poem about a vampire attack.... more info

Five of Five

byDavid Glen Anvil

Published: 12 Jul 2019


Five poems of five lines each. Food for your hungry imagination.... more info

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