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Book Description
Are you eager to climb the corporate ladder? Did you just land the role of manager? Are you excited to transition into this role without any hassles? Are you feeling a little nervous, overwhelmed, and unsure of yourself in your new management position? Do you want to improve your existing skill sets and become an excellent manager? If yes, then this is the perfect book for you.
One professional transition that stands out and is vital to your career is shifting from playing the role of an individual contributor to becoming a manager. There are a lot of things that new managers need to learn apart from leading others. You need to work on yourself, win your team members' trust and respect, become a motivator for them, and find the right balance between the delegation of responsibilities and maintaining control.
Becoming the manager is the first step in this process. You work hard, dedicate long hours, and give up your weekends to earn a promotion. When you become the manager, you are thrilled, but this new job comes with additional responsibilities and incredibly high expectations that require you to work very long hours. This new role you will be playing is quite different from any other you may have had before, which can be a source of extreme stress, demotivation, and lead to self-doubt.
So, if you want to become a great manager, the first step is to arm yourself with all the information you need about this role.
In this book, you will:
Discover the many styles of management and how to select the ideal one for you.
Learn the different attributes of being a good manager.
Find out how to build trust and confidence with your employees.
Understand how to easily transition into the new role as manager.
Get advice on how to understand and improve your organizational culture.
Discover secrets to effective communication.
Find detailed and easy tips on how to become an effective coach for your team.
Learn how to delegate responsibilities and be a good mentor.
Explore how to deal with resistance and manage change.
Uncover tips on how to socialize with your team and how to perform team-building activities.
Master the art of hiring, interviewing, and disciplining employees.
Get advice on how to manage employee conflicts, different personalities, and how to create a high-performance team.
Explore helpful tips on how to cope with stress.
And so much more…
Do any of these resonate with you? Do you want to become an amazing manager? If yes,
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