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Book Description
Petra is a pencil with flaws who spends her days alone in the pencil box waiting for the day she can draw. One day the pencil box gets knocked over and she finds herself on paper for the first time drawing her love, pizza! Suddenly plump, the other pencils think she is even more useless than before. Then one day a little boy with learning needs joins the class and a special friendship develops.

Petra looked at herself. She knew one pencil would always be left behind, but why was it ALWAYS her. Her tip was sharp and ready to go. Her little pink eraser was brand spanking new. Sure the other pencils were sharpened after they were used, but she was brand new! What a temptation! “Ho hum,” she sighed. Who was she trying to fool? ‘Who would want to use a pencil with a missing H?!,’ she reminded herself. And to top it all off she had a tiny splinter on her side. That little splinter she convinced herself was the biggest problem of all. It was the real thorn in her side.

There had been many days when Petra had tried to get rid of that splinter. That darn piece of wood that just wouldn’t go away and leave her in peace. She had rolled to the left. She had rolled to the right. Back and forth. Back and forth in the pencil box. Useless. All her attempts were useless and that darn splinter remained.
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