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Book Description
Blackmail. Again. Yes, Again.

If you lived in the Blackfriar Apartments, you knew some of your neighbors had been blackmailed. But the criminals had been caught and were in jail now...or dead, very dead.
It was all over, and your bank account was safe, wasn't it?

That's what Brian George thought until the white envelope was slid under his door.

That's what Robert Pelosi thought until the white envelope was slid under his door.

Maybe this time, the blackmailer targeted the wrong men? Maybe they didn't want to pay for his silence?

If you like your mysteries set in small towns with characters you met in in other books, clever plot twists and a touch of romance, you're going to love Pay For My Silence, Book Seven in M'Lissa Moorecroft's series The Blackfriar Cozy Mysteries. They're not always quite so cozy, are they?

DOWNLOAD IT NOW and start reading the next episode in the the very interesting saga that's the lives of the tenants of The Blackfriar Apartments.
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