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Book Description
When Tatiana Zhukov was murdered, most residents of The Blackfriar Apartments breathed a little easier. Many of the tenants had secrets that Tatiana threatened to expose. Well, she was dead now, and they could all relax.

Until...until one day a few months later when Marissa Cruz had a note slipped under her door, a note that demanded a lot of money or else.

It seemed that someone had stolen Tatiana's notes the night she was murdered, and now they were planning to be a lot richer at the expense of the residents of The Blackfriar Apartment Building, unless they were stopped, of course.

Turned out Bernice Andrews who lived in #9 thought shed try her hand at a little blackmail...but her threats were based on Tatianas gossip, not on Tatianas damning notes.

Bernice is in police custody now, charged not only with blackmail but the very crime Tatiana had whispered about poisoning six husbands for the life insurance policies she taken out on them!
So that should mean the residents of The Blackfriar Apartments can sleep in peace, shouldnt it?

Several of the tenants are fearful that murderer still lurks in the building.

Unfortunately, they're right. There is a murderer lurking in the building, a murderer who plans to strike again!
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