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Book Description
A Blow to Her Head. Robbery? Or Attempted Murder?

Janine Dennis was happier than she’d been for a long time. She was enjoying her job, involvement with The Black Rock Little Theater Group, and her boyfriend, Chaz Walker.
The long time tenant of The Blackfriar Apartment Building had been through the mill and deserved happiness, but somebody thought otherwise.
When Janine got the note, she figured it was going to be another blackmail attempt, but no, it was telling her to get out of town...

Who wanted Janine gone, dead or alive, and why?

If you haven’t read the previous Blackfriar Cozy Mysteries books, you’ll enjoy this stand-alone story, and if you’ve read the series before, you’ll welcome back your old friends in this engaging mystery.

If you like your mysteries well paced with interesting characters and maybe a little romance, you’re going to love Book Ten of M’Lissa Moorecroft’s mystery series
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