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Book Description
Yes, it's official! Etienne has released his self-published ebook. Sorry that the Launch Party has been postponed due to my illness. Keep in touch because it seems rather likely that we shall maintain a guest author and a special guest feature in our series. I do have some gifts and surprises to distribute. I'll do so at a later date.

Here's what you'll find on the Table of Content page:

1. So, You're Published!
2. What Authors Need to Know about Social Media Marketing
3. Social Marketing Promotes Your Book for Free
4. The Write and the Wrong Way to Promote Your Book
5. Powerful Social Tips That Will Sell Your Books and Related Products
6. The Importance of Branding Your Book and Related Products and Services
7. Guest Author: Does Your Ebook Need Its Own ISBN?
8. Guest Author: Create a Website or Blog to Promote Your Book and Products
9. Guest Author: New Businesses, You Need Social Media!
10. Special Guest: Maxwell Ivey's Partial Media Kit
11. Home Guest: Homeland Collections Portrait Gallery, LLC
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