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Rocinda doesn't know why she has these strong feelings of de ja vu. She doesn't understand why she can see the faces of other's from a different time period. But she can't worry about it because she has too many things to accomplish in life. The main thing being she plans to be the greatest designer ever…to have her gowns worn on the red carpet at the Grammy's. Her best friend James is the only person who seems to understand her drifts into neverland and Rocinda doesn't realize how dependent her heart is on James until he is no longer around. When her chance at a shot at the top arrives, the wolves come out in full force. Only, her heart is somewhere else. She has to get it right this time. Even though it's 2015, Rocinda feels like a part of her is in a different time period.

Grace has been handed a terrible lot in life. Why did she have to be born during the most horrible period of a colored persons' life? Slavery. Unbeknownst to her enslavers, she is smart and intelligent. Smart enough to pretend to be dumb in order to benefit herself. It is her plan to get her family to freedom. So what if she has to steal what is rightfully hers. She has no qualms about it. As a matter-of-fact, she becomes even more determined when she has to endure the worst atrocities imaginable in a slaves life. Then God sends her a gift that enables her to bear it all. A love so strong that it reaches through time to right every wrong ever done to Grace. Next time, and there would be a next time for Grace…she would get it right. Until then, she would wait safely in his arms.
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