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Still heartbroken over the break-up from her long time college boyfriend, Ruby headed home to Waverly, TN. When she arrived, her mom greeted her with hugs, kisses and a good meal. But after a few weeks at home, Ruby felt that life wasn't turning out the way she'd planned. Although she had her history degree, she couldn't get a job. There were no teaching positions to be had or any other jobs, for that matter, in such a small town. She promised her parents that she would continue to look before considering leaving again to relocate in a larger town. In a moment of desperation, Ruby took a chance on an advertisement from a college student named Donaldson Esrever. Donaldson was studying to become a doctor but his wealth allowed him to spend the majority of his time on his passion...traveling through time. His dream was that, just maybe, his findings would benefit CERN or some other scientific exploration! He was looking for someone to take this trip with him since his professor refused to do it again. After placing an ad in surrounding county newspaper's and on the internet, he finally got a response from a black female...whom Donaldson refused to consider due to his racist inclinations. Truth be told, Donaldson had only lived the life of the white privileged, so mingling with the lower likes of a black female in this historical adventure,did not sit well with him. After getting past her doubts and fears, Ruby decided that the pay from this adventure would be enough to realize her dream of owning her own business and satisfy her historical curiosities at the same time. Not to mention, allowing her to live in her hometown. Neither Ruby nor Donaldson imagined that this exploration into another dimension would change them, forever, in unimaginable ways. They were in for the biggest surprise of their lives because history, in the 19th century, was the opposite of what they had learned. In this 19th century history, slavery was reversed. Neither would have ever imagined that Donaldson would become a slave that would bear the scars of the whip. And Ruby, his master. Nor that Donaldson would fall in love with a slave of mixed races and Ruby would travel through time to find the love of her life. Add to all of this, the fact that their greatest fears had come true. They were stuck. But even if they found a way home...after experiencing life opposite of everything they'd ever known...Would it be possible to 'go back to 'normal'... in the 21st century?
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