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Lazia meets Giovanni Blando, a recent immigrant from Sicily and nephew of Lazias mentor. Giovanni becomes a bootlegger and Johnnys closest friend despite their outward differences. The men discover shared interests in liquor, poker and politics. For a decade, the friends live decadent lifestyles in Kansas City, defy Prohibition and ignore election laws. Convinced Prohibition will be short-lived, Giovanni begs Johnny to pursue honest endeavors, but Johnnys association with the underworld leads to the infamous Union Station Massacre, and he conspires to help one of the thugs escape the city. Johnny is blind to the danger and Giovanni is distressed to be involved in the conspiracy. The criminal gets away, but Giovanni fears for his friends safety and pressures Johnny to quit the criminal activities that are crumbling the world around them. It begins to work until a shocking crime changes Kansas City city forever.
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