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Book Description
The all-powerful emperor sends Sen-hi Sakeda, a female Samurai, on a diplomatic mission to America. She travels on a merchant ship across the sea from Japan, acting as a bodyguard to help pay her way. She expects a moment of respite when she arrives in San Francisco. Instead, she is thrown in prison. Her diplomatic mission was a set-up to get her out of the emperor's way.

An Army officer, also trained in the Samurai way, soon rescues her. Together, they learn of a misguided plot by Native American chief, Raven Black, to usurp and take over the seat of United States military power in California. Sen-hi vows to stop Raven Black, but he has dark magic with an unprecedented reach that makes him a difficult adversary.

Sen-hi and her newly acquired Native American Shaman ally, Proud Spirit, traverse the epic landmarks of the Western frontier as she is pursued and hunted by Raven Black and his minions of darkness. As battles rage between the tribes and the army to a point where even the historic Presidio is in danger of destruction, Sen-hi questions whether she should go to war for or against either side; or find a way to peace for all. Will her final decision lead to victory or a merciless, bloody death? It all depends on whether she can survive the spirit of evil that seeks to destroy all in its path, including her.
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