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Book Description
As the young Zendor (unaware of who he is) comes of age his cosmic mentor asks the question, "Are you willing to die for what you believe in?" His life changes dramatically as a result of the answer.... YES!

Join in the journey as he questions reality (inviting the reader to do so as well), investigates the foundation of spirituality and comes to terms with the understanding of what he finds that will absolutely blow your mind. He makes no pretense, but maintains a humble attitude as he rips apart the status-quo in the old paradigm of fear, guilt and shame and thrusts his heart into the middle of chaos to find order in faith, love and trust. Somewhere there is a bridge for science and spirituality, once perceived as a battle between mind and heart.

If you have had questions about your own experience or entertained the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors, then this book might help. The author takes you down the rabbit hole of quantum entanglement, achieving nirvana and offers a modern testimony of Jesus Christ along the way. He'll deposit you squarely in the flow of your own contemplations, evidenced by your reading this now. You might find some answers. No doubt you will explore questions you might not have considered.

The first in a series, the author weaves personal experiences, intelligent investigations and a search for identity into a mind-bending movement through life. In this brilliantly written book, author offers careful considerations toward the search for truth, human potential and universal understanding as he discovers more than he ever imagined in his quest for identity and self-awareness.

If you have a notion about your own potential as something more than what you've been taught to believe, if you experience the inexplicable and know there is an explanation, if you find yourself feeling alone and empty as you view the current world situation, then you'll find solace here. Dive in and join the new millennial myth weaver. Is your testimony up to date?
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