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Book Description
Navy SEAL Ian Chase returns home, disillusioned after a brutal tour in Afghanistan, where political machinations became a combatant. He takes the helm of his billion-dollar venture capital and private security company, The Chase Group. A place where he believes he can make a difference.

A brief encounter with the unavailable Art Historian Cassiopeia Ellis, six years earlier, left him smitten. Now, after unexpectedly meeting her again, he finds that he has the same feelings.

But things have changed for Cassie. No longer engaged, she is now an FBI Agent, devoid of the carefree attitudes that first attracted Ian to her. Now she is secretive and afraid, plagued by nightmares that refuse to abate.

Meeting Ian again only serves to confuse Cassie further. Her heart tells her one thing but her brain overrides her feelings. Can she afford to trust a man again?

When tragedy strikes, it's up to Ian to uncover what she's hiding, before the secret takes her life. But will it give him the second chance he was hoping for? Or has Cassie been damaged beyond repair?
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