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Book Description
An ancient treasure map leads to murder on the coast of Newfoundland, and Carmel is found with blood on her hands. Someone killed for this pirate gold - and her neighbors in St. Jude Without believe the treasure should be theirs. Historic jealousies stretch through the generations on this isolated coast in this humorous mystery.
"Reminds me of a BBC mystery - brought to life in the new world."
"There is plenty suspense and mystery to keep the reader guessing almost to the end of 'who done it'. What I especially like about this author is her ability to tell a tale without degrading to violence, sexual content, and foul language."
"With treasure maps, pirates, ghosts and fairies this is a story to fuel your imagination and keep you turning those pages. Carmel McAlistair has a knack for finding trouble, and can frequently be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Helping her out of her dilemmas is a strong - and very original - cast of characters."
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