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Book Description
"Every last one of you, barbarians! Stubborn, ignorant, overprotective, power-hungry cavemen!”

After the collapse of civilization because of a nuclear attack, survivors set up camp outside of L. A., California in an old oil refinery. During the war, the water supply was tainted with a virus that only affected women.

To protect and grow the female species, survivors created a lottery-like drawing for marriage between one woman and three men.

Davina was raised with Alex and they grew up together in the post-apocalyptic world. They’re close and fight like siblings, but there’s sexual tension. Damon is an alpha male, sure of himself, brooding, and he signs up for the lottery on a whim after getting drunk. Tatum is cocky, arrogant, sure of himself, and flirty.

Davina is infuriated that so far; all this marriage crap has gotten her is a load of drama with little or no romance. And there's a problem. One of the three men has been working undercover with a dissent group and gets caught.

Action and adventure? Suspense? Thriller? Romance? Yes. This post-apocalyptic, reverse harem story has it all.
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