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Book Description
Beyond all else, Samira Foster wanted one thing: Elliot Dowling.

He was her passion, her need. They were just kids but she knew it was real. The way he kissed her; the way he held her. Yet he’s the one thing that was denied her. The scion of a powerful and wealthy family, she’s now the head of Foster Acquisitions.

But she doesn’t have it all.

The pressure, the demands, the wolves. And she’s all alone. She needs someone. She needs him. And she’ll have him … even if it destroys her.

Elliot Dowling’s got a billion in the bank, owns whatever he wants, and doesn’t give a shit.

He loved once but never again. His father disgraced the family, lost everything … and made him feel unworthy of the one woman he truly loved.

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. He’s clawed his way back. He’s done it by gaming the rules, hacking the system, crushing competitors. The women, the money, the deals, they’re all just ways to keep score.

And, then, she strides right into his life … and nothing will ever be the same.
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