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Book Description
The feisty Emily Winter returns, every bit as dedicated to finding her way in the "man's world" of journalism as ever and just as skillful and talented when it comes to solving crimes. In this fast-paced new mystery, Emily has moved to TV news where she is relegated to covering features and "soft" stories, a role she fights with her usual guile and savvy. At the same time, she tracks down the identity of a police spy inside a Chicago civic organization whose leader has been murdered. Twists and turns, false leads and solid reporting all combine to lead Emily to another headline making investigation. Along the way, Emily celebrates her beloved Windy City and relies on a host of friends, allies and colleagues, including her quirky, wise and witty husband Ben, Ben's cab-driving Uncle Max, the Rules Committee of women fighting for the place in the sexist world of the 1970s and, among others, a maverick homicide detective, an uber-popular weather-caster and an old-school police beat reporter. This sequel to Winter in Chicago already has readers asking for the next Emily Winter mystery.
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