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I had a secret that no one could know. I had a past that would’ve made grown men weep. I needed to be fixed. The shards of my life needed to be gathered and glued back together. The question was; who was going to do it and were they going to beat my past that was guarding the fragments of my soul?

I never expected a beauty like her to enter my life. I had never seen anything like her. But her beauty was a mask that hid a darker secret. I just hoped she would let us in long enough for us to catch a glimpse of who she really was and where she had come from.

My best friend was an idiot, yes, but he sure did know how to pick the women. It was him who introduced me to the lovely redhead and it was him who had brought the three of us together. He might have done all that, but I was afraid that her demons would come and rip us apart. We had to step up and defeat those demons. If not for the relationship we had, then for the girl that was left in pieces by men too selfish to care about what they have ruined.

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