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Someone is killing famous people--a world famous model, a Wall Street bigwig, a heavy metal rock star. All have been beheaded, a mysterious word carved into their torsos. An assassin is on the loose, wreaking vengeance on those who have abandoned an evil cabal. Unbeknownst to Mike Gage, the ex-homicide detective holds the key to these high profile murders. When Mike is summoned home to his father's deathbed, he encounters his high school sweetheart. As they rekindle their long dormant romance, he is savagely taken down by the FBI. He's a murder suspect they tell him. But once they understand the circumstances of that death, and that Mike has knowledge that could help them with the high profile murders, he's retained as a consultant to a special bureau unit assigned the case. Pursuing the investigation from New York City to Kentucky to Detroit to Chicago to Washington. D.C, and finally back to Chicago, Gage and the unit uncover a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of government and society. Tracking down the killer, Gage must also deal with a long-lost love, strained family relationships, explosive racial tensions and domestic terrorism. Black Karma is the sequel the 5-Star rated Pagan Moon, the first Mike Gage Thriller.
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