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From the savage Everglades to opulent Palm Beach, sheriff’s detective Mike Gage pursues a death cult no one else believes exists. Gage knows they do—his former lover was one of its ritually sacrificed victims. Obsessed with her murder, Mike becomes a homicide cop. Throughout his career more women’s bodies turn up throughout South Florida, all the same mutilation—the brutal extraction of the heart.

When a pretty coed escapes the cult's bloody altar, Gage discovers that powerful hedge fund manager Quentin Van Eck is the cult’s high priest. After Van Eck’s mysterious death, his body is cryogenically preserved. That’s when Gage begins to unravel the truth behind Van Eck’s Virilian Foundation and the sinister evil lurking beneath its respectable facade. Assisted by Van Eck’s beautiful widow and a mysterious Frenchman with ties to the ancient Templar order, Gage uncovers the cult’s apocalyptic objective. Cryonic suspension, human sacrifice and satanic worship formulate the alchemy to incarnate a malevolent spirit that will enslave mankind.Battling the embodiment of evil, Gage challenges a power that could not only take is life but his very soul. James Patterson meets Stephen King

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