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THE FINAL WORD in Sherlockian scholarship, this book takes you on a tour of the resting places of over 300 creations that were brought to life by that master storyteller, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Each Canonical cemetery represents a different adventure of the master detective, Sherlock Holmes. The illustrated tombstones found in the graveyards offer epitaphs that reveal the honoree's ultimate demise or particular plot in life. Whether funny, punny, poignant, or just plain awkward, the engravings represent the plights of hundreds of Canonical characters taken from all sixty stories. Every member of the elite Baker Street Irregulars and the nonpareil Adventuresses Of Sherlock Holmes is listed after the tale from which their Investiture was taken through 2016. Hundreds of detailed illustrations and humorous cartoons reveal that A.C. Doyle’s creations must have died laughing!

Beware ... deathly prose doth lie within !
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