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Ex-cop Thomas Haftmann, formerly of Cleveland Homicide, works as a private investigator in the resort town of Jefferson-on-the-Lake. You will follow his cases in these 15 short neo-noirs. Among them are “The Kneeling Woman,” “No Escape, No Turning Back,” “The Riding Boy,” “The Slave Master’s Dungeon,” “Archangel’s Daughter,” “A Woman With Tea-Colored Eyes,” and “The Dog Returneth to His Vomit.” These have been collected from a variety of outstanding publications and blog sites, ranging from "Powder Burn Flash" to "A Twist of Noir" to "Sex and Murder Magazine." Thomas Haftmann’s dark world of murder and madness is not for the reader of cozies, so be forewarned. Two stories feature Annie Cheng, series character from White's ebook crime novel, winner of the 2014 New Rivers Press competition: "Special Collections."
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