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Book Description
“…What sort of business person would I be if I start killing off my guests?”

Eve Lloyd has settled into her new life in Rock-Maine Island and is about to open up an inn - a costly venture now that she has her heart set on getting an expensive custom made stove. Leasing her new house to a film director takes care of the extravagant expense. It should now be all smooth sailing. However, the director and movie star’s endless arguing gives her a taste of what she might be in for when she opens the doors to the public. What if she gets an inn full of squabbling couples who use arguing as foreplay? But that is the least of her concerns.

When a body turns up… in her kitchen, Eve thinks she might have to forego her new stove and spend her windfall having the house exorcised. Either that, or she could advertise her inn as an ideal retreat for killers on vacation.

It doesn’t help to have left her fingerprints on the murder weapon. Yes, she’s a trained chef and yes, she knows how to use a knife, and yes, she might have said she’d do anything to get her new stove. But surely the police don’t actually believe she’s capable of killing someone…?
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