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Book Description
Ezekiel Hunter goes to the imposing Drake house, a Georgian mansion, to recover from an emergency appendectomy. When wealthy business man Matthew Drake is found murdered in a locked room, Dan Drake, Matthew’s nephew and heir, is arrested for the murder.

Dan’s wife, the deceptive Marla, planned to divorce him to marry Matthew. The police believe Dan flew into a jealous rage and killed him.

Ezekiel sees other possibilities. Maybe Marla planned to kill Matthew all along, impatient for her husband to inherit his uncle’s wealth.

And others may not be who they seem. Andrew Bloomsfield, the gardener, hides something and hopes the sheriff doesn’t find out. Aliénor Beaulieu, the French chef, claims she’ll follow Matthew Drake to the grave to guard his legacy. Even Sheriff Field, the chief investigator, might know more than he's willing to admit.

And the lovely Grace Phillips, Marla's sister, born into a family obsessed with money, might be hiding her own secrets. Can she rise above her family’s deceptive ways or is greed too deeply ingrained?

Unluckily for the murderer, Ezekiel Hunter has a talent for seeing the obvious.
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