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Book Description
Scarlet Wilson's love life keeps tanking, no matter what she does. It’s pretty sad when the elderly ladies at the inn have a better romantic life than the forty-something innkeeper. Is she cursed when it comes to men, or is there something more sinister going on? As the tension builds in this psychological thriller, the wild ride sweeps her closer to a dark, sinister secret that threatens her whole family.

Enter Kenny Tolliver ("Captain Peacock"), the still-handsome hunk who captured “Miz Scarlet's” heart all those years ago in high school. Widowed, retired as Assistant Director of Public Safety at Princeton University, now working for Mercer Security, "Captain Peacock" has all kind of tricks up his sleeve. Good thing, because a second guest meets a gruesome death just as he arrives to take charge.

Scarlet and Kenny seem to be on the fast track to rekindle their love until they run headlong into "Colonel Grey Poupon", Scarlet's annoying, twice-married brother. Adding to the confusion, Kenny begins to suspect that his old high school chum is lying. Just how involved was Bur with one of the now-dead guests and what else is he keeping from them?
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