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Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Captain Michael Parker, dodged death in A Ghostly Shade of Pale only to find that the organized crime figures who tried to kill him were amateurs compared to the political criminals he encounters in A Rented World. Parker confronts an unholy trinity of politics, crime, and business, all humming the same secular hymn--"Everyone and everything is for sale." Parker exposes corruption in the corporate and political worlds and wrestles with the question of how far is too far to go to defeat them. Temple weaves a cautionary tale of how quickly all can be lost, but how threads of purpose can be found in blankets of crushing pain. Join Michael Parker for midnight meetings between governors and godfathers, conspiracies hatched in the smoke-filled nightclubs of the Dixie Mafia, the selling of souls in the shadows of corporate boardrooms, and for a trip on a winding road that leads him all the way to Congress and the White House.
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