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"...the Deep South, strutting that well-worn stage set where almost anything can happen – the land where Mississippi meets Tennessee meets Arkansas. Bugs the size of golf balls clatter into the kerosene lanterns and, out there on the river, vines hang from the live oaks as nameless creatures snuffle and snort in the brackish water. The King still lives in Graceland, and out there, down some back road, there’s a shotgun shack with a doped-up redneck biker sitting on the porch...the explosive and turbulent USA of the mid-70s, a country engulfed by the social and military repercussions of the Vietnam War...Michael Parker is an idealistic young man who has forged a career in law enforcement. After surviving a dangerous spell as an undercover narcotics agent, he is drawn into an investigation of clubs where cheap drugs and expensive women are provided for bent politicians and minor mafia characters. Michael’s nemesis Fredrick... is barely human – a killer, an albino, schizophrenic. A Ghostly Shade of Pale might not be subtle, and it is certainly a long read, but it is one which will repay a your perseverance." Crime Fiction Lovers
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