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Martha "Marty" Hudson has it all...almost. While her best friend, Irene Adler, is a dot-com millionaire many times over, Marty's days are filled with working as a barista at a Stanford University coffee bar, crashing various courses, and dodging the rent collector at her crummy apartment. But when Marty finds out that a long-lost aunt has left her a Victorian home at 221 Baker Street in the heart of San Francisco, she's hopeful her luck is about to change. Okay, the Victorian is run down and probably in need of more repairs than Marty could ever afford, but at least it's a link to family. However, when Marty starts sifting through the contents of the dilapidated home, she realizes her aunt's death might have been a case of murder. Taking her suspicions to the grumpy Detective Lestrade and the uber-hot medical examiner, Dr. John Watson, only gets her a pair of doors slammed in her face. So Marty and Irene invent fictitious PI Sherlock Holmes to open those doors for them, investigating an over-the-hill yoga teacher, mob shops in Chinatown, pot dispensaries in the East Bay. But when the killer returns, even the great Holmes may not be able to save Marty without a little help from the girls.
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