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Book Description
“Killing my mother was easy.”

His father always told Giorgio he was born to be great. He came into the world on a tide of molasses, just as Prohibition was going to make his father the richest mobster in Boston. But when George’s mother conspired to kill Rico “the Gentleman” DiGiaccomo, the boy’s fate was changed forever. Sworn to vengeance, twelve-year-old Giorgio plunges into the black waters of Boston Harbor, emerging as George Jameson. Coming of age in the tenements of the West End, George makes a name for himself in Boston’s seedy underworld. Whipping stolen cars around corners from the burlesque halls of Scollay Square to the posh brownstones on Beacon Hill, from the Coconut Grove to the Brink’s garage, George takes a gut-wrenching tour of Boston’s criminal history that leads straight to his mother’s death. But once he exacts his revenge, he unleashes a pack of demons that burn with unquenchable flames. Thirty years of hatred will come to an end in one hell of a night.
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