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When he's assigned to consult on a case half a globe away from New Scotland Yard, Detective Inspector Michael Dachemont is eager to reconnect with Kate Winslow, a popular children's book author whom he'd met months before on a highly publicized investigation in the south of England. Just when he thinks he has finally lived down the odious nickname given him by an overly romantic tabloid reporter, he is once again thrust into the limelight when he finds himself in the middle of more than one mystery. The original purpose for his being in the Pacific Northwest turns out to be not nearly as challenging as the puzzles that await him when he travels to Oregon to spend what's left of his busman's holiday with Kate's family. In an environment as alien to Dachemont as any he'd ever been in, the young Englishman encounters enough mystery to keep a squadron of detectives busy; but there's only one small-town country sheriff on the job. The trouble begins with a bit of seemingly harmless graffiti, which turns out to be the deceptively innocent tip of a very deep and dark iceberg. He has only a few days before he must return to London, but although he's not technically on duty, Dachemont is nonetheless drawn into the investigation. Will Michael and Kate have time to see where their budding r
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