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Book Description
Nothing good is in the cards for Serling High School junior Dennis Sommers. As a reporter for the school newspaper, he is low man on the totem pole and in popular trends, he is thoroughly confused. When assigned to cover a chess game for the newspaper he meets a peculiar senior named Matthew Livingston who is ONLY playing three games of chess, against three different opponents at the same time. Dennis becomes intrigued with Livingston’s unique talents which are fueled by great intelligence. But when Dennis and close friend Sandra Small try to help a friend who is burglarized for a good amount of cash, they can only think to enlist the help of Matthew Livingston.
Follow the methodical plotting and planning as Matthew, Dennis, and Sandra try to expose a common thief and discover that it’s only the surface of a maniacal plan to influence and destroy many teenage lives.
Matthew Livingston is a refreshing NEW face in the age old genre of teenage detectives. Fans of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries will rejoice at the return to suspense, mystery, and young adult bliss.
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