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The final sale of Olivia Waterford's beautiful old bed and breakfast, the Bittersweet Inn, seems to be going smoothly. A lovely young couple--Mead and Alice Hoover--are ready to take over the running of the Inn so Olivia can retire to a townhouse and enjoy her later years. Unfortunately, just as the almost new owners are enjoying the local Pumpkin Festival on the grounds of the Inn, their real estate agent, Grace Potter, is found murdered in a shack on the back end of the property. The horror of a killing on the Inn's property is bad enough, but Alice Hoover is apparently psychic and claims that Grace Potter's ghost refuses to allow the sale to take place until her murderer is caught.

At this point, Olivia's oldest daughter Harper steps in. She immediately begins a furious effort to investigate the final moves of the recently deceased woman, and is flabbergasted with what she discovers. Apparently, more than one person had reason to kill Grace Potter. Grace was blackmailing several local residents who had secrets they wanted kept hidden. Now Harper's task is magnified. Has she discovered all the possible suspects? And if so, which of them is the guilty party? Or is there someone else she might have overlooked?
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