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Book Description
Penny McAllister had big dreams. Becoming a witch wasn’t one of them.

Penny and her best friend Joy took a big risk when they returned to the quaint tourist town of Spring Valley to open a coffee shop. They thought they had the perfect location— the old, dilapidated Beacon Theater.

So what if the locals said it was haunted. Of course it had a giant hole in the ceiling. Sure, the whole place is filled with scary books in a strange runic language and mysterious vials of who knows what. Nobody said this would be easy.

But when they venture into the basement and find a woman's body hidden in a room that’s locked from the inside, they know they've got more than they bargained for.

The police don’t think it's murder, but that doesn’t stop her ghost from waking them up one morning or a strange hooded figure from trying to break into their new business. Evil lurks in the shadows and it's up to Penny and Joy, with the help of their newfound magical abilities, to solve the mystery of the deceased woman and stop the Beacon from being overrun.
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