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Book Description
President Sinclair embarks on a mission to save Mankind from annihilation in the face of the greatest mass extinction event in the planets history. His success will hinge on the existence of the twilight zone, a narrow longitudinal band encircling the globe between the fourteenth and twenty-seventh parallels north of the equator, where Dr. Bailey surmises a life-sustainable environment is likely to subsist when the tumble is over if one exists at all. But seventy-two percent of the region is ocean while the remaining twenty-eight percent will support less than two percent of the 7.4 billion inhabitants on the planetand no part of the twilight zone traverses the USA.

Still oblivious of the peril, enemies and allies alike are bewildered when Sinclair makes a number of astonishing and bizarre decisions, but his attempt to suppress the tumble from becoming public until his sordid plan is ready to implement falters as global technological infrastructures continue to crumble.

A tech-savvy Thelma Carpenter suspects there is an association between the failing satellites, the extreme heat wave sweeping the Northern Hemisphere, and President Sinclairs strange behavior, but her boyfriend, Cobra, is skeptical when her quest for a connection uncovers some disturbing information. He also knows not to underestimate her abilities. It is rare she is wrong.

The Golden Capricorn is the second book in the Tumble series and a direct continuation from book one, The Andaman Event.
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