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His hotness made me do a stupid thing five years go, but not this time.
If he thinks he can freakin’ waltz back into my life . . . My little girl absolutely loves the guy though and, well, he’s got a billion dollars coming to him. F***!


I had her for one night.
It was hot. It was right. It was incredible. I’ve never really shaken her from my thoughts. It's still the best night of my life and, trust me, I've had plenty of Netflix and chill action since.

But she was gone by the morning. Fine. I can play that game, too. So I bolted--got the heck outta dodge. Now I got a billion bucks coming my way.

One catch, though: I've got to get my shit together and clean up my act.

Or else my uncle’s money goes elsewhere—to my shitty cousin.

But f*** the money, no one’s gonna mess with my woman—and my daughter.

Their mine. I’ll do what I have to protect them. To make things right.

So bring it on. This is gonna be fun.
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