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Book Description
I still can’t believe I took this job. What if I get caught by the Empire? Or worse yet, what if I get caught by the bandits? I’ve heard too much about this Ash guy to be comfortable with that idea. Hell, he already killed my sister because she did the same thing I'm about to do. I must be either desperate or crazy. Or both.
This girl is crazy, trying to steal from me. But she is sexy. Maybe I should let her live. And who knows, she might be useful.

Locksleigh is a pickpocket, a thief, a riff raff. Ash is a bandit leader with a reputation that could make any person shudder.
When Locksleigh accepts a high-risk job from her only friend and best client, she is thrown into a world she had never expected to enter. Forced to be with a man she has never met before, Locksleigh must find a way to survive in a world that has no mercy for a girl like her.