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Book Description
Malorie Darkwood lived in the quaint town of Meerith and loved the brick houses, ocean winds, and public gardens as well as the people there. Ever since she moved there for college to major in anthropology, she had found that she fits the town perfectly. She even found a job that she adored. Being the props mistress in the town’s small theater allowed her to create beautiful sets and enchanting special effects. Of course, she had some help as she is, unbeknownst to the townsfolk, a witch.
Malorie’s life could not be any more perfect. She had a job she enjoyed and lives in a town where she feels absolutely comfortable. But then a strange violet-eyed man made her into a starstruck girl. The next day a State House has gone missing, which is odd enough as it is. She knew all the witches in town and knew for a fact that none of them would do something like making a State House disappear. What she did not know was that she will eventually get sucked into the whole fray of missing State Houses and an enthralling stranger.
Malorie Darkwood’s magic will pull you in and keep you on your toes. Her magical exploits are both captivating and mysterious, a wonderful combination indeed! Join her as she figures out who is responsible for the missing State House...
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