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Book Description
Harper Reed and her sister Lonnie are joyously helping their good friend Maggie get ready for her upcoming wedding to her long time beau Fred. A romantic outdoor wedding with all the trimmings is planned to occur on Maggie's farm--that is, until a few of her farmhands drive up breathless with the news that local auctioneer Stan Mumford has been found stabbed to death on the banks of the Big Bittersweet River which runs right through Maggie's property. The arrival of Sheriff Waylon Darcy soon puts the kibosh on any further wedding planning as the scene of the nuptials had just become the scene of the crime. Maggie is heartbroken, but Harper is not going to let one misfortune lead to another and resolves to solve the murder as fast as possible so the wedding can take place as planned. The three friends quickly take over the investigation much to the dismay of Sheriff Darcy. Unfortunately, Harper's aggressive methods irk more than just the local law enforcers. It appears that a murderer may also be a bit peeved and Harper had better watch out or she might not be alive to even attend the wedding!
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