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Book Description
Welcome to Goodship, New York. People gather at Soup Opera to indulge in former soap star Eliza Gordon's delicious food, always served with a side order of gossip. But there's one thing the residents of the quaint suburban hamlet never talk about. Secrets, though, have a way of haunting people-- even an entire town. In this updated version of Amy Beth Arkawy's first Eliza Gordon mystery, a secret that has loomed over Goodship for decades may be at the heart of two murders. Who killed the local football star twenty-five years after a tragedy clouded the big victory party? And just what is that reporter with the eerily familiar face doing in town, and who would want to murder her? Eliza Gordon and her pal local radio personality Midge Sumner can't resist trying to solve the murders; but will the sleuthing stick a fork in Eliza's flirtation with Goodship's dishy police chief Tom Santini? Twists, turns and a colorful cast of characters will entice you to play along and try to figure out who's in Goodship doing more than just Killing Time!
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